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AOAsia is a network of AOSD researchers based in or with ties to Asia, and a series of international workshops organized by the researchers.

The goals of AOAsia are:

  • To foster collaboration between Asian researchers in AOSD
  • To encourage AOSD research in Asia
  • To present events to build the AO community in Asia.
The contents for the past workshops (2005-2008) are copied from the original site ( ).

AOAsia Workshop

AOAsia is a series of international workshops on advanced modularization techniques including aspect-oriented software development (AOSD). It was initially organized by Asia-related researchers in cooperation with researchers all over the world. Following the successes of the workshops on AOSD in 2005 (Taipei), 2006 (Tokyo), 2007 (Beijing), 2008 (Beijing) and 2009 (Auckland), the workshop organizers broadened the focus of the workshop from AOSD to advanced modularization techniques in general. The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers who are tackling the problems of advanced modularization, but who are not yet connected to this growing, thriving community. The workshop also intends to provide a forum for discussion of new ideas, new directions, and new applications.

Community Wiki

We are starting a community wiki. This wiki will act as a repository for information on AOAsia members, events, and Asian funding opportunities. We invite you to visit the wiki and enter your own research information, and information on funding opportunities in the Asian region.


AOAsia is composed of members from all around Asia including China, Japan, Pakistan and Taiwan. We also have members from the rest of the world who have ties to Asian countries.

Japan China Taiwan Pakistan Iran India Vietnam Asia Pacific World
Shigeru Chiba
Takashi Ishio
Hidehiko Masuhara
Naoyasu Ubayashi
Kiyoshi Yamada
Jun Yamaoka

Elisa Baniassad
Jianjun Zhao
Minhuan Huang
Yan Han
Hong Mei
Kung Chen Shaukat Ali
Awais Rashid
Kamran Safoora
Shakil Khan
Syed Asad
Ali Naqvi
Somayyeh Malakooti Paul Clements
Ramrao Wagh
Le Minh Duc Muhammad Shoaib B. Sehgal (Germany)
Jan Hanneman
Guenter Kniesel
Gefei Zhang

Siobhan Clarke

Awais Rashid

Shanping Ren
Pengcheng Wu
Tao Xie
Dianxiang Xu