An, Zhiyong (安志勇)

Ph.D. in Economics from University of California at Berkeley (May 2007) 

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 Research Interests

  • Public Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Chinese Economy
 Teaching (Note: The Teaching language of the following courses is English)
  • Public Economics (Undergraduate, Master, and PhD)
  • Microeconomics (Undergraduate and Master)
  • Principles of Economics (Undergraduate)
Academic Journal Articles (in English)
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    • Note: This paper is cited by Mr. David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer-Prize winning author and a columnist for Tax Notes.

Newspaper Column Articles (in Chinese; As Part of My Public Services)

  1. An, Zhiyong, and Chunrong Zheng "On the Systematic 'Budgeting Bias' of Chinese Local Governments and its Implications," China Business News,9/19/2017(Download
  2. An, Zhiyong, "On the Relationship between Market and Government: Talking from Hoodwinking," China Business News,6/7/2017(Download
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  5. An, Zhiyong, "Strengthening Private Property Rights Protection Can Help Promote Investment and Innovation," China Business News,3/30/2017(Download
  6. An, Zhiyong, "More Time Is Needed before Conducting a Comprehensive Evaluation of the VAT Reform," China Business News,12/19/2016(Download
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Policy Reports (in Chinese; As Part of My Public Services)

    1. An, Zhiyong, Hongwei Wang, Wei Shi, “The Implications of the Failure of the GSEs in the U.S. for the Development of the Real Estate Financial Market in Shanghai,” Submitted to the Shanghai Municipal Government, March 2012.
    2. An, Zhiyong, “A Report on the Necessity and Feasibility of Constructing the Home Price Index (HPI) in China,” Submitted to the People’s Bank of China, December 2008 March 2012.

    Recent Invited Presentations

    • 2017/02, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    • 2016/02, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    • 2016/01, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF, Washington, DC, USA.
    • 2015/12, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA.
    • 2015/09, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA.
    • 2015/01, Department of Economics, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, USA.

    Conference Presentations

    • 2016/11, The 109th Annual Conference of National Tax Association, Baltimore, MD, USA.
    • 2014/04, The American Real Estate Society (ARES) 2014 Annual Meeting, CA, USA.
    • 2013/04, The American Real Estate Society (ARES) 2013 Annual Meeting, HI, USA.
    • 2012/05, The International Conference on Local Government Debt, Shanghai, China.
    • 2011/08, The 67th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
    • 2011/06, The 2011 AREUEA Mid-Year Meeting, Washington, DC, USA.
    • 2011/04, The 3rd Annual Conference of the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress, Hangzhou, China.
    • 2009/11, The 102nd Annual Conference of National Tax Association, Denver, CO, USA.
    • 2009/08, The 1st Annual Conference of the Global Chinese Real estate Congress, Beijing, China.
    • 2009/07, The International Conference "The Shadow Economy, Tax Evasion and Social Norms", Muenster, Germany.
    • 2008/11, The 101st Annual Conference of National Tax Association, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    • 2006/11, The 99th Annual Conference of National Tax Association, Boston, MA, USA.
    • 2005/11, The 98th Annual Conference of National Tax Association, Miami, FL, USA.

    Journal Referees

    • American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
    • Journal of Urban Economics
    • Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
    • International Tax and Public Finance
    • Public Finance Review
    • Public Choice
    • Economics & Politics
    • Economics of Transition
    • World Economy
    • Journal of Economic Policy Reform
    • Journal of Economic Psychology
    • China Economic Review
    • Annals of Economics and Finance
    • Emerging Markets Review
    • Emerging Markets Finance and Trade
    • Japanese Economic Review
    • Economic Change and Restructuring
    • Journal of Housing and the Built Environment


    • 2015, Research Grant from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
    • 2014, Research Grant from the National Social Science Fund of China
    • 2012, Research Grant from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
    • 2011, Research Grant from the Shanghai Minicipal Government, China
    • 2010, Research Grant from the Ministry of Education, China
    • 2009, Best Paper Prize, The 1st Annual Conference of the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (Paper Title: "Conforming Loan Limit and Jumbo-Conforming Spread" (with Zhenguo Lin and Yingchun Liu) ) (Certificate)
    • 2006, IBER Mini Grant, U.C. Berkeley
    • 2006, Summer Grant, U.C. Berkeley
    • 2006, Dean's Normative Time Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley
    • 2005, Academic Progress Award, U.C. Berkeley
    • 2004, Burch Center Fellowship, Department of Economics, U.C. Berkeley