The Australian SDN Test-Bed

The aim of this project is to establish a wide-area network test-bed, spanning ten institutions across Australia, on which cutting-edge research and experimentation can be performed in the nascent area of Software Defined Networking (SDN).

This project seeks to establish a test-bed to allow Australian researchers access to a high-quality experimental SDN infrastructure. The test-bed will be:
1. distributed across ten sites to allow access from multiple institutions,
2. large in geographical span to create richness and scale that are representative of a wide-area network, and
3. monitored and managed with instrumentation tools consistent with the highest quality science.

The research experiments facilitated by this test-bed will encompass three broad areas:
  • Multimedia service quality
  • Network design and optimisation
  • Security
Technical Advisory Board:
  • David Wilde (AARNet)
  • Inder Monga (ESNet)
  • Martin Foster (Pacnet)
  • Srini Seetharaman (SDNhub, Infinera)
  • Andrew Ferguson / Josh Bailey (Google)