Welcome to the Australia and New Zealand Metabolomics Network

To register, please email Dr. Oliver Jones at: oliver.jones@rmit.edu.

Metabolomics may be simply defined as the comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of all metabolites present in a bio-fluid, cell, tissue, or organism. It is a growing research area with a broad range of uses including systems biology, drug discovery, molecular and cell biology. New analytical and bioinformatics technologies and techniques are continually being created or optimized, signi´Čücantly increasing the cross-disciplinary capabilities of this technique.

The Australia and New Zealand Metabolomics Network is an interest group for researchers in Australia and New Zealand and the greater Australasian region who are interested in the tools, and trends of metabolomics and its wide variety of uses in the life sciences. Through this network we are aiming to stay tuned on news in the field, to come together through conferences, symposia and workshops as well as to share the excitement and challenges the field brings to us in research and development.

A specialised subgroup (Lipidomics) has been formed within the ANZMN for researchers with special interests in lipids and lipid chemistry.

Please register if you want to be part of either or both networks. You will receive regular e-mail updates on the latest news in the field. You can also follow us on Twitter (@ANZMN).