Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Metabolomics Society

The Australia and New Zealand Metabolomics Society (ANZ Metabolomics) is an interest group for researchers in Australia, New Zealand and the greater Australasian region who are interested in the tools, and trends of metabolomics and lipidomics and their wide variety of uses in the life sciences.

Metabolomics is simply defined as the comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of all small molecules (metabolites), including lipids, present in a bio-fluid, cell, tissue, or organism.

Through the network we are aiming to stay tuned on news in the field, to come together through conferences, symposia and workshops as well as to share the excitement and challenges the field brings to us in research and development.

Metabolomics research is applied broadly in a range of fields, including systems biology, biomedical research, pharmacology, food, agriculture and environmental sciences. New technologies, analytical techniques and bioinformatics methods are being created and continue to evolve, with increasing cross-disciplinary potential. All researchers are welcome to join our network!

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