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Our Mission:

The Anza Ground Water Association will pursue opportunities that expand and share knowledge relating to the quality and quantity of our area groundwater on behalf of our community.

This Project is supported under a grant from the Department of Water Resources Local Groundwater Assistance program the help the Anza area develop the capacity to plan and manage their groundwater resources.  The map above was prepared by the USGS in its studies of the Anza Area's Groundwater.

The information below is presented for project participants and stakeholders to provide access to information and updates between public meetings.  While it is a busy page, more detailed information is available in the tabs to the left. Files provided for reference are in the Groundwater Documents or subpages from that page.

Thanks for your participation in planning for Anza Groundwater Association.

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What is important to you when it comes to our water in the Anza Valley? 

Anza Groundwater Association Forms as a result of the 2011 Capacity Building Grant

Anza-Terwilliger Area Groundwater Management Planning Grant – Capacity Building

With the strong support of the Anza-Terwilliger Communities the County of Riverside received a grant from the State of California Department of Water Resources - Local Groundwater Assistance Fund. This grant will be used to begin a program to develop capacity for Groundwater Management, collect existing information, evaluate, and plan groundwater monitoring in the Anza-Terwilliger Area. Riverside County has contracted with South Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council and Integrated Planning and Management to collaboratively engage local, regional, federal and tribal stakeholders to participate in review and planning for future monitoring and management. Together through data collection, public outreach and workshops and stakeholder participation, they will assist the local area with efforts to plan, fund and develop a Groundwater Management Plan to assure the region has a sustainable future for all water users.

The first efforts will focus on setting up and holding workshops to engage stakeholder participation and to develop an understanding of the goals, organization and preliminary elements of agreement for cooperative groundwater management of the Anza-Terwilliger area.  In addition, collecting and consolidating existing groundwater monitoring data and identifying areas where additional groundwater data are needed will begin. The grant must produce its final report for approval in November which will contain an outline of the recommended Groundwater Management Plan.

Project at a Glance:

The project will accomplish the following by early November 2011.
  • Outreach to the community to develop understanding and document issues for groundwater planning
  • Assist the Community in scoping and developing groundwater management planning
  • Coordinate closely with the IRWM program and other sources of funding for Groundwater Management
  • Assist community in understanding and identify options for organizing to manage groundwater

Project Tasks include:

The Task for the project are shown below: 
  • Coordinate with Groundwater Stakeholders tribal and non-tribal
    • Up to 3 Stakeholder workshops
    • Document groundwater issues
    • Provide a Groundwater Management Planning outline document
  • Plan and collect existing available groundwater data
    • Identify and characterize existing data and sources for community access
    • Document Groundwater Management study area
  • Develop a Preliminary Organizational Structure
    • Provide options and concepts for community feedback and document the options comments and recommendations
  • Prepare progress and final reports
  • Periodic reports
  • Final Report November 1, 2011 

Rolling Updates

  • Anza Area Selects Groundwater Steering Committee: The Anza Area Groundwater Steering Committee has been formed. The Committee is comprised of 13 members from the Anza Area.  The Committee member provide responsible balanced representation of groundwater interests ...
    Posted Jan 23, 2013, 4:20 PM by Cobalt Gamma
  • AGWA Management Meeting Rules Attached are the meeting management rules that govern and provide guidance during AGWA meetings.  Posted 12/12/2012 by Reggie Agunwah
    Posted Dec 12, 2012, 11:07 AM by Cobalt Gamma

  • Posted Dec 28, 2012, 1:35 PM by Cobalt Gamma
  • Final Report Posted The Final Report for the Anza Area Groundwater Project has been posted.Comments are incorporated and Appendix 15 includes a response to comments as well as comments and information submitted ...
    Posted Nov 15, 2011, 10:53 PM by Daniel Cozad
  • Draft Report Posted The Draft Report for the Anza Area Groundwater Project has been posted.Comments are requested by 11/11/2011 if possible. If not please send them as soon as possible ...
    Posted Nov 15, 2011, 10:40 PM by Daniel Cozad
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Recent Files

  • USGS for the California Department of Water Resources Bulletin 91-12   0k - Aug 22, 2011, 5:33 PM by Daniel Cozad (v2)
    ‎Water Wells and Springs in the Eastern Part of the Santa Margarita Watershed, Riverside and San Diego Counties, CA‎
  • Cahuilla Valley Groundwater Basin 9-06, CA Bulletin 118, Feb. 2004   0k - Aug 16, 2011, 12:04 PM by Daniel Cozad (v2)
    ‎California Groundwater: Bulletin 118 Updated Feb. 2004 Cahuilla Valley Groundwater Basin 9-06, California Department of Water Resources‎
  • Santa Margarita River Investigation June 1956, Bulletin No. 57   0k - Aug 16, 2011, 11:27 AM by Daniel Cozad (v2)
    ‎California Department of Public Works, Division of Water Resources, Bulletin No. 57 Santa Margarita River Investigation‎
  • Anza water history - Pam Nelson.pdf   44k - Jul 15, 2011, 8:18 AM by Daniel Cozad (v2)
    ‎Summary History of Anza Area Groundwater issues Compiled by Pam Nelson‎
  • CA Groundwater: Bulletin 118_10-CR   0k - Jul 12, 2011, 5:00 PM by Daniel Cozad (v2)
    ‎California Groundwater: Bulletin 118 Update 2003 Report Chapter 7 Colorado River Hydrologic Region pgs 201-208‎
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