Homemade Cicadelli


1kg plain flour
Salt (handful of cooking salt)
1 litre of water
Good quality olive oil *From guesstimating, I think it may have been two measured tablespoons or maybe more...

A lot! I think this made enough to serve 7 hungry people and  have enough to freeze.If in doubt, divide the ingredients by three and make a small batch. I havn't tried making a small batch yet but when I do, I'll update this section.

Make a well with your flour, sprinkle salt, pour a good drizzle* of olive oil and a bit of water. 

Knead. Keep working the water into the flour until it's come together. It's that simple.

When the dough has come together, cut a small section and place through your pasta machine. If you don't have one, just use a rolling pin until your dough is very thin but not so thin that it breaks or becomes transparent. You should have a rectangular piece of dough, ready to cut.

Once you've rolled out the dough flat, cut it lengthwise into pieces that are roughly 2cm in width. 
Then cut the short end into one centimetre strips. Repeat with all remaining sections of unrolled dough.
Now roll into shape.


As with Ricotta Gnocchi, if you won't be eating the pasta the day/night you make it, you will need to flash freeze it and then transfer into freezer bags.