Maikol Cerda

Yale University, Postdoc Associated

I obtained my Ph.D. in Economics from New York University.

My research interests are in Industrial Organization (theory and empirical), Microeconomics, Applied Microeconometrics and Competition Policy.

I actually work at the Jackson Institute at Yale University as a Postdoc Associated.

My CV is here.

The evolution of platform use and platform revenue: The case of Facebook (Submitted [pdf])

I investigate the effects of direct and indirect network effects on diffusion and the innovator's profits. The main result is the innovation diffuses faster, users pay lower prices and the platform earns higher pro ts when it faces a two-sided market. The platform wants to obtain a relevant number of adopters to earn pro ts from advertisers. Numerical solutions establish that the diffusion process is S-shaped when the utility of advertisers grows faster than the users'. Lastly, the model is tested fitting Facebook's historical data. The model closely replicates the evolution of active users and the pro ts Facebook has earned due to advertising.

Contact Information

Email: Office Address: Jackson Institute, Yale University

55 Hillhouse Avenue

New Haven, CT 06511