Welcome to my personal website Any Other Business.    Microsoft Office Professional 2019 is my main Office Application package and Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access database are regularly used.    The screen recording facility in Powerpoint comes in particularly handy.  I published "Filming Model Scenery" paperback in September 2015 compiled in Microsoft Word 2010.  Although my main Windows OS platform is Windows 10, my main music pc remains a Windows 8.1 machine.  It is equipped with Dolby Home Theater 4.0 Home Stereo as stated on its badge.  A funny old world really, watching some cool YouTube videos about a YouTuber's experience along old Route 66, one quaint town along that route had a theatre with the United Kingdom spelling of "THEATRE" in it's title.  

  Since I am a relative newcomer to the world of Mac Mini, my learning will need to incorporate Applescript in the near future.    Final Cut Pro X is used for video processing on my i7 Mac Mini in conjunction with a SONNET Breakaway Puck eGPU. This unit has 4 GB graphics ram separate from the ram on the Mac Mini itself which has 16 GB.  An Asus Blu-Ray Combo DVD drive eloquently completes the Mac Mini setup for me. So is Joseph completely "sold" on all things Apple as owner of a 7th Generation iPod Touch as well ? - my own Opinion of Apple's true colours towards Customers.