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Hello there, fellow horse lovers.  I, like most of you, am not by any means a pro in the horse world.  But I do love horses. All aspects of horses.  All breeds, shapes, forms, sizes and colors of horses.  From both ends of the scale, from working horses to show horses to pleasure horses.  Even horses that are for the most part just pasture ornaments.
I started this site to share information and stories with others out there like myself that loves horses. Perhaps through this site we both can learn a thing or two.
Please bare with me. Like I mentioned about the horse world, I am also not a pro at this whole internet thing. I created this site on my own and it's proving to be little more complicated, than I thought, to get it just how I want it.
As I figure things out I will be adding links to news and other articles I find across the web and my blog page as well.  I will be searching for news and helpful information for all things horses. I want to start a network of information for all of us to share and learn from. If you have any thing you may want to add, that you think would be some handy information, for the rest of horse folks, to have let me know and I will try to include it with the everything else.
I am open to any feedback you may have to offer as well. Let me know what you think. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
So, get out there and ride !
Have a great day, you and your horse.
Thanks for stopping by.
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