Announcements related to the Any Place Parish and the Journey Through the New Testament reading plan and discussion group will be posted here.


  • NT Journey Discussion Group to become a Grow Group.  On Saturday, February 2, The Journey Through the New Testament Discussion Group (Sabbath School class) will become one of Pioneer Memorial Church's new Grow Groups.  Those who want to participate should register at  Participants will make a commitment to read a chapter-a-day based on the Journey reading list and to attend each weekly Grow Group discussion.  The format of the weekly meeting will stay basically the same--A Bible scholar will make a presentation on the NT book we are reading and then lead the discussion.  One difference will be that we will begin each meeting with 10 to 15 minutes of getting better acquainted with each other.  In addition to the weekly meetings, we will have potluck dinners and at least one "fun social event."  The group will also select a service activity to do.  The Grow Group is limited to 20 participants. 


  • Join an on-line discussion of the reading plan.  Kendra is recording her insights in an on-line journal as she reads the daily readings in the Journey Through the New Testament plan. Using the perspective of a disciple, she is looking for answers to the questions, "Who are you, Lord?" and "What do you want me to do?"  She invites your comments.  Her on-line journal is found at