Any high school go club is welcome to use this website template.
Feel free to tinker with this template and make it better.
Add your own favicon (favicon) by uploading a favicon.ico file.

Help Sites:
Steegle.com A google sites help center created using google site.
Mori79: Google Sites School Learn how to use Code Wrapper and other gadgets created by Mori himself.
http://www.kccloudsolutions.com/ Learn how to map google sites to a web domain, and other topics.

Posting Go Diagrams: Ex: JustPlayGo.com uses GoSWF viewer.
Use "eidogogadet" from google gadgets or follow gludion's GoSWF Instructions.
Here is the eidogo page.

How to Use Custom Google Gadgets.
To use custom google gadets, click "insert" in the top left hand corner when in editing mode and then click "More gadgets...". Then search up a gadget.
Code Wrapper is very handy and can be used with http://www.htmlcommentbox.com/
You won't need htmlcommentbox if your site is shared with all club members. Google sites has a default comment box for users with access to the site.