GEM Awards

The Great Educator Mentor Award is given to recognize an individual who makes a difference in the lives of the students of each school in the Westerville School District and/or the school district as a whole.
A nominee may include:
· Community Member
· Volunteer
· Parent
· District and Building Faculty & Staff
Students are NOT eligible to receive the GEM Award.

There are many, many GEMs in your building. Take a moment to look around and take another moment to let them know you are grateful for all they do by writing a nomination. 

Details and Nomination forms are available in the WCHS Office, or on the Westerville Parent Council website: or here.

The GEM Awards Program was created twelve years ago and recognizes those who make a difference in the lives of students and consistently go above and beyond for students at each school in the Westerville School District. District awards are given to those who impact students across the school district as a whole and/or at more than one building.  Winners are announced in early March, 2015 and honored at a special reception and BOE meeting in late April, 2015. Winners also receive a cut glass/etched trophy provided by Roush Honda.

Proudly Remembering Past Westerville Central GEM Award Winners:
Gary Bishop, 2004
Jennifer Fullenkamp, 2005
David Pisula, 2006
Candace Kinzig, 2007
Stephanie Martin, 2008
Jennifer Kiko, 2009
Natalie Taylor, 2010
Juan Morales, 2011
Todd Spinner, 2012
Lauren Pratt, 2013
Ty Stover, 2014
Barbara Coppens, 2015