This is a site for discussing on various practices, rituals and way of life followed by the community. Such discussions will open up ways to understand the community better. The contents in this site are preliminary and request members to contribute to evolve the site to capture as much as possible.

The following are some of the topics for discussion (compiled by Babumohan Vadakkepat).
  1. Marriage
    1. The pre-wedding ceremonies
      • Horoscope matching
      • Pennukaanal
      • Engagement
      • Ponvekkal
    2. Wedding Ceremonies 
      • Visiting Kuladevatha/paradevatha temple.
      • Ganapathi pooja
      • Dining with elders-Bridegroom
      • Giving Onapudava to the Bridegroom family members
      • Sacred Fire Ceremony (Vivah-homa)
      • Receiving bridegroom at the marriage altar
      • Washing the legs by bride's brother
      • Brother in law (sister's husband) has to sit with the bridegroom while waiting for the bride's arrival
      • Bringing Bride by the aunties of Bride
      • Brother in law has to get up and give the seat for bride
      • Receiving Blessings - Elderly members of both families bless the couple and give them various gifts as a mark of their affection and  status, 
      • Tying the sacred thread, Solemn vows, 
      • Accepting the bride - Panigrahanam - the groom holds the left hand of the bride with his right hand
      • Taking holy vows - Kanya dhaanam
      • Marriage Vows - prathyaga Karan - by respective Jothishi
      • Walking around fire (Agni parikrama) - The bride and the bridegroom walk around fire seven times with fire as the witness to sanctify the marriage.
      • giving Onapudava to the relatives of bride
      • Anna prasan - The couple share a meal together and express their mutual love and affection
      • Grihapravesh-Reception of the bride -Lakshmi Pooja
      • Giving milk to bride and bridegroom
    3. Post Wedding Ceremonies - 
      • For the first 7 days, Husband and wife should not visit any Temple
      • Viruththottu
      • Kaavukeral-Visiting Kuladevatha Temple
  2. Pregnancy related rituals,
    •  Seemantham- during the 7th month of pregnancy of a woman
  3. Irupaththiyettu(First Birthday of the child)
  4. Choroon
  5. Kaathukuththal
  6. Ezhuththiniruththu
  7. First Menses Ceremony
  8. Shashtipoorthi(60th birthday)
  9. Saptathi(70th Birthday)
  10. Shatabhishekam(84th Birthday) - ChandraSahasra Darshi
    Nithyannadaatha, Tharunaagnihothro, Maasopavaasee cha Pathivrathaa cha
    Vedanthavith ChandraSahasra Darshi Shatjeevalokae Mama Vandanoyaah:
  11. Death Ceremony
    • Snana karma-Dead body
    • Samskaaram
    • Pula (Pollution, defilement) - Ten (10) days morning after death 
    • Seshakriya
    • Involvement of Chorthol
    • Pulassudham
    • Collect the bones (from the cremation area) into a mud pot
    • Keep the mud pot or leave into the river like Ganga
    • Aththaazha oottu
    • "Deeksha" (period of mourning and abstinence-one year).
    • Deeksha Veedal
  12. Srardham
    • Orikkaloonu
    • Daughters Involvement
    • Sons Involvement
    • Crows involvement
    • Enangan's(Parikarmi) Involvement
    • Naalukari oottal
    • Saktheya pooja(Pooja done by Ezhuththaschan)
  13. Other Topics
    • In Thiruvaraikkal Temple, Vayillyamkunnu Temple, Panamkurussi Temple etc, Empranthiris do the Pooja. 
      • Who are Embraanthiries? (Yanthra Thanthra Yasyavidhi Pravaachaka)
      • Why theu do pooja in the temples of the community?
    • Why all our Devi temples are having Pancha prakara layout like structure ?
      • Our Temples structure has the same structure as other male God temples( such as temples of Siva,Krishna etc). in other devi temples such as Pariyanampatta Kaavu, Uthraththil Kaavu, the Vigraha is on the surface of the temple. But in our temple, Vigraha is not on the surface of the temple.
    • Why in our temples Kaala Vela is not common?