Hospital & Dispensaries

Last updated 14th Aprl 2007

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EKNATH Buildings Have Been Constructed Opposite BARC Hospital & In The Area Further Ahead Of BARC Hospital A No. Of Buildings Have Come Up & This Area Is Called “WESTERN SECTOR”.

A No. Of Buildings Have Been Constructed On Both Sides Of The Road
Connecting AEJC To BARC Hospital.

Extension Building Of Hospital Has Been Constructed.

DILWARA Dispensary Has Been Shifted From DILWARA To A Separate
Building Constructed In Between BRINDAVAN & DWARKA. The Dispensary Is Called Dispensary (West) No. 8.

The DILWARA Dispensary Area In DILWARA Building Has Been Allocated To The Maintenance Offices. In A Part Of The Area, STATE BANK OF INDIA Has Come Up Recently.

A new dispensary has come up in NEW MANDALA.


BARC Hospital; Colored in blue now(Sep 2007). Look at its earlier pic below colored in peach.



Dispensary near Dwarka and Brindavan



Its View from Brindavan



With Dwarka in the backdrop