Anushakti Nagar Colony
(The site has lost all its charm after google changed its URL! The entire layout was changed without permission. Unfortunately I don't have time to redo it again! I do have the photographs that many have sent and will post them when I get a breather)

Go down memory lane. Find old friends/teachers. Walk back on the same roads!

Early Morning is one of the best time to walk around the colony- The following is a 180 degree view of people playing badminton in the Kapilvastu square. This picture is taken from the corner of 'Kapilvastu A' which is opposite Netravati. Here are some more panoramic views

(Click to enlarge- 4 pics joined together)

Lot of us would remember this road between 'Kapilvastu A' and Netravati. This road is used by all the AECS 2 kids to reach school. Click the pic to look at the 4 pics joined together for a 180 degree view.

Patliputra Building

Breath-takingly beautiful and serene with lots of fresh air ; refreshing change from noisy down town Mumbai.

Indraprastha Building

Kapilavastu Building

This is a new building that has come up adjacent to Tapti.


Road going towards MAFCO

Morning walks on sunday. Towards the Main gate. Clicked aside Kapilvastu C near the fountain.

Lush Green Gardens everywhere
New Skyrises- Udaygiri

Punjab National Bank- Anushakti Nagar Branch

The new PNB is now unrecognizable from its old form. An ATM has been added (towards the left of the entrance)

Roads are clean :-)

NEW PICS SENT BY sindhu chandrasekharan ( Malayagiri

View of the sea from Dhawalgiri

Mankhurd Bridge from Dhawalgiri


Morning shift people prefer to walk to work than using the shuttle coz its a great freshner!

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