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You have reached the home page of Anurag Sinha. Right now, the only interesting stuff on this website is the "Free Software" section. I have started uploading software that I have developed over time.  The list is small right now, but is bound to grow. (The next program is going to be in Symbian for P910i.)

I plan to add several interesting sections in the near future. First and foremost, I'll add a section to publish my research papers. Secondly, I would add a section to add more details about myself.

 Here is a brief introduction till the details page comes up. I'm a Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay, India (passed out in 1999). I'm currently working at Morgan Stanley, India in their technology division. I also completed Master of Management program from S.J.M. School of Management (IIT Bombay) along with my work in 2005 with a specialization in finance. It was a gruelling 3 years of effort that I would never forget :)  

Hope you enjoy your stay at my website. Please drop your feedback at anuragworld at gmail dot com. 



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