About me

I am a Research Scientist at Adobe Research since August 2017. I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech with Santosh Vempala during 2015-2017 where I also worked with Richard Peng. I obtained my PhD from the mathematics department at Yale University under the guidance of Daniel Spielman where I was also affiliated with Yale Institute For Network Science. Prior to that I received my bachelors degree in engineering physics from IIT Bombay.

Selected Publications (authors in alphabetical order unless marked *)


  • Outstanding Post-Doctoral Research - From College of Computing in Georgia Tech.


  • ICML, 2018
  • Computational Challenges in Machine Learning, Simon's Institute, May 2017
  • Simons Institute of ToC, Berkeley, March-May 2017
  • UCSD, Feb 2017
  • Simons Institute of ToC, Berkeley, Jan 2017
  • Agnostic Estimation of Mean and Covariance, CMU, Jan 2017
  • Graph Sparsification with Applications, Yale, Nov 2016
  • Agnostic Estimation of Mean and Covariance,
    • FOCS, October 2016
    • University of Chicago, April 2016
    • Yale, April 2016
  • Community Detection in Sparse Random Graphs
    • Allerton Conference, October 2015
    • SIAM, October 2015
    • ARC Colloquium
  • Isotonic Regression
    • Machine Learning Seminar (Georgia Tech), January 2016
  • Algorithms for Lipschitz Learning
    • ARC Colloquium, April 2015

Representative Teaching