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The story describes the journey of four guys FROOTI, PAKIYA, BULBI and SHOCKER coming from different backgrounds, through the four years in IIT where they undergo many emotional and psychological changes. Frooti plays the protagonist and the story is narrated in his point of view. Their goals are initially obscured because of conflicting perceptions about career, friendship and love. This story shows how they face various challenges, reconcile their mental conflicts and finally succeed in identifying their goals. 


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Kashyap Arora as FROOTI

Mihir Mysore as PAKIYA

Niteesh Joshi as BULBI

Abhijeet Mohanty as SHOCKER

Anoop Damodaran as STUDENT COUNCILOR

Sraboni Dutta as Priyanka 

Nidhi Verghese as Krithika   



The movie was treat in the heat ! . It was better than what i expected. It was not a work of a Genius like people immersed in movie industry but as of for an student making a movie is not bad at all for this outcome . The movie was picturized in a digital format . The theme song tells about the movie.  Good music and lyrics ...... chorus is good  ....... Hands of to the guys involed in it. I saw the guy behind this show in the sathyam theatre premises giving away tickets to his fellow IITians ...... and i saw the fluid mechanics prof. ... i dont know if he was really the prof or a student!.  Frooti was the key to the movie ...... The movie tells us about the four guys in which two guys met two girls and what they do at last !.  The Frooti character was good and i liked pakiya character much better cos he was always thinking outside the box ! but never did study or attend his classes.

Krithika tells the people through the movie that " There is a whole wide world outside IIT " eventually meaning we got many things apart from studying and work! . The student  councilor tells " Study well but not too much, play well but not too much ".  Over all the  movie tells us ...... we have lot of steps to take and we cant stop taking steps towards it.  My opinion about the movie ..... it was a good movie (its a better documentary ) but too short for a movie ..... could have taken a bit more in the end and i had a glimpse of what IITians are usually upto !  


                                                         Review by Anupam Arnold