all that I see through the lense...

My interest in photography developed when I was young, taking pictures at family functions. Even though I missed out on most of the fun as I was always with the camera, I had a great time with it. But my passion for it grew when I started reading books on photography, following which I started freelancing and got a few assignments from individuals.

I was the official photographer for the International Students Day at Lancaster Univerity


As I dont get much time to venture out with my camera, nowadays I use my camera phone NOKIA 6630. I have taken a lot of pictures with it, of which, a few can be seen below.


Some pictures which are Panoramic views

The Hall at the International Students Day in Lancaster University (UK)

 First Performance at the International Students Day in Lancaster University (UK)

Drawing Room

Site Plan view

Below are the pictures taken by using my NOKIA 6630

View from my flat                            The Chaiplancy                                            Infolab

A day in the Library of Lancaster University

Printing and Catalogue PCs                     General View                               Sir Pilkington Hallhe

A day in the Chaplaincy of Lancaster University


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