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I have always beleived that if you have knowledge about things, then share it. This webpage fulfills this beleif of mine. I have put up a few tips and tricks, which I learnt from my experience.

The first topic to be discussed is "Developing a webpage of yours using Google Page Creator".

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Creating a webpage using Google Page Creator...

The unique quality of Google Page Creator is that it does not forces ads to be shown in it. It has a neat and clean finish, unless you make a mess of it !!!. Currently there are more than 45,000 webpages hosted by Google, and its growing by the hour. If you want to know more about the webpages and people then join the Discussion Group.

Quick Start
First thins first "Signup for a Wepage with Google by clicking here". They might put you on hold due to heavy traffic for signing up. But do not worry, they will contact you in less than a week.

To HTML or not to HTML
For developing a webpage with google, one does not need in depth knowledge of HTML. For a basic webpage u dont need any know-how of HTML, but at a later stages u need to have a bit knowledge of it. For example, if you want to know the number of visitors and the related statsm you need to add a stats counter to it, which requires an elementry knowledge of HTML. Which anybody can gain with experience.

I wont be starting from scratch, there would be tips and hints on topics which i am good at.

Edit HTML: A lot of people are not able to find Edit HTML link, its located at the bottom left corner of the browser. The reason why people are not able to find this tab is that googlepages works in the screen resolution greater than or equal to 1152 X 864. So the solutions are:
1. Either change the resolution to more than or equal to 1152X864.
2. Try pressing F11. It will enlarge the Browser.
3. Click on the bottom left corner box and press down-arrow-key.