All that i know and want to share with all the people who are coming to Lancaster University...

 I came here as a confused person, not knowing which road led to where. But my passion for photography and exploring new places made it adventerous for me to venture out and see and know the places.
The joy of discovering a new sorrounding by trial and error comes with a feeling of anxiousness, but trust me it is easier to adjust than we think, so the aim of this webpage is to give an outline about the activities that are crutial for one's day to day living,  in other words all that you need to start off with...
the rest, is at your discretion.
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  GRAB IT...
All the people who are coming to Lancaster with a lot of luggage
 and those who are coming till UnderPass with their stuff, get hold of one of these...


 Well as I read in ORKUT
Lancaster University-Indians
 about calling India as soon as people arrive in Lancaster.

 I went to the ORANGE UK website and have found a £1.00 simcard,
 which anybody who has a permanent UK address can order...and all
 those who are coming here have one.

 So here is what you can do:-
 . goto the orange uk website £1.00 SIMCARD
 . the only requirement to receive this sim by post is to have a
    permanent UK address, which everybody who is coming here
    has...their room
   addresses !!!
 .just pop-in ur addresses and card details and the card will be there
   in your uni mailboxes the next day.
now as soon as u arrive and the porter hands-in the keys to you, just 
   take the sim from him and give a call to ur parents and tell ur
   number or just SMS, as there is a £1.00 talktime in the SIM.


 Types of Fares-
 . £1.75 return to the City.
 . £3.75 Day Rider, unlimited travel in the Lancaster and
     Morecambe area for one day.
 . £11.50 Week Rider, unlimited travel in the Lancaster and
     Morecambe area for 7 days.
  for more information click on 
 Here are a few Taxi numbers.
. 01524848848
. 0152432090
. 0152460000
. 01524424424
. 080033221

The only place where you can buy almost all the daily
 usage items in the uni campus. Its located near the
 Alexandra Square.
 LUSU CENTRAL SHOP... Its in the Pendle College, almost
 at the end of the Central Spine.
 ASDA... bus no.6A will take u there, this service runs every 4mins
 to an hour from the Bus Station.
 MAJHE... Its near the Railway Station. You can get almost all
 Indian Food packed or fresh. All the Pulses and Spices are
 also available here.
 SAINSBURY'S... Its walking distance from the Bus Station. 
 Moreover there is a FREE bus from the Underpass of the
 University every wednesday, which goes directly to
 WEDNESDAY MARKET... There is an open market every
 wednesday in the town, which is more like a "HAAT", where
 you get all the fruits and other essentials at cheap prices.

 As far as cooking is concerned, I have been cooking for long
 and trust me with the above shops and more one can cook
 almost any Indian dish.

 MOBILE... I would suggest not to take a connection from
 India, as the kind of deals that you can get here is mind
 A few places to get a good deal are SIMTEC, THE LINK etc...

 EATERIES... In the uni campus there is Spicy Hut,
 Mama Mia, Pizzeta Republic (great fries)

 Wong's Kitchen (which is my personal favourite)
 There are a lot of restaurant in the town as well etc...

 JOBS... Students who are very serious about jobs should
 get registered with the JOBSHOP operated by LUSU as 
 soon as they come here, as there are a lot of jobs, for which
 if responded quickly, chances of getting it becomes very high.

 Remember to carry passport sized photographs with you 
 as you will need that
 You just need a RED NUS CARD to get the job emails, which i
 is free of cost and can be obtained from the LUSU. I will also
 suggest to get hold of some recruitment agency in the town,
 as they are very helpful. I have worked in the REEBOK
 factory packing shoes, and trust me its real fun.
 Some Websites:-

 ENTERTAINMENT... Lucky people, there is a new Multiplex
 VUE opened recently in the town. Another personal
 favourite of mine is the LUSU Cinema which is in the Bowland
 College . The internet 
 connection is awesome in the uni, so you can watch movies
 online on sited like, and many more...


 You can post your queries as a scrap on ORKUT or mail
 me on my gmail ID given below.

Lancaster University-Indians existing which has got students
 who are either studying here or joining in 2006.

 We have celebrated almost all the festivals like Diwali,Republic
 Day, Holi.with full enthusiasm and feeling of pride. I expect
 the new batch comes with more events and gatherings.