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Frequently Asked Questions:


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All who have served in the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Coast Guard or their reserve components are welcome to join the Army & Navy Union USA.  

When does Garrison #302 meet?

2nd Thursday of every month @ 1900

Where does Garrison #302 meet?

Currently in Newark, DE and members can attend meetings remotely using Google Hangouts if needed.

Can I wear ANU Badges on my uniform?

You can wear the ANU Badge on the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps uniform "on public occasions of ceremony".  Since this is little known to current military leaders, I would only wear the ribbon of the badge along with your other ribbons, below federal (and state) awards but above any foreign awards.   
Full details for each service can be read here.

Here's the tricky part about wearing the ANU Badge on the US Army uniform.  

AR 670-1

22-12.  Badges authorized for wear on Army uniforms
b.  Badges awarded by the Regular Army and Navy Union, and by the Army and Navy Union of the United States.

22-14.  Categories of badges authorized for wear on Army uniforms
The following badges are worn on the Army uniform:
a. Marksmanship badges and tab.
b. Combat and special skill badges and tabs.
c. Identification badges.
d. Foreign badges.

The authorization for wear is defined as a badge, not an award.  This being the case, the manner of wear would fall under the ways badges are worn.  That means we must define which category (22-14)  the badge is in.  Based on the options, I would say it is an identification badge.    Identification badges are worn on the wearer's right or left side pocket (lower for females).  When we look to DA PAM 670-1, 22-17 for guidance - there is no listing for the ANU Badges and therefore no specific guidance is provided by the Army for the manner of wear.
So if one was to wear the full size badge, it could be worn 1 of 3 ways
1.  on pocket flap

2.  on left pocket, top below flap
3.  on right pocket, top below flap
All 3 of these can create problems with other badges worn along with the ANU Badge.
Option 1 seems to make the most sense and it would sit below special skill and marksmanship badges.
Option 2 would probably work best for most.  
The easiest way is just wearing the ribbon on the rack, below federal and state but above foreign awards.

What does "PNC" stand for?

The Army & Navy Union has a few acronyms that you may not be familiar with:

  • PNC = Past National Commander
  • PNP = Past National President, Ladies Auxiliary