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My original songs and bands in English

Hail Your Mary

I don't know




I Stole The Sun

It Don't Matter

Rats From The Cellar

This May Be Habit Forming

Mercy Point: Life In A Day...MP is a band with me, Matther Bratter & Mika Lassuri and this song is from the 1st EP "Breathe Until The Sea" released late 2014:

Life In A Day

D-A Walk The Road - original Pop Rock featuring Ossi Jauhiainen and the guys from Mercy Point:

Walk The Road

A musical documentary on how I make my music...nearly 30 minutes long!

The Making of 'Unicorn'

And here's the song above alone:


 A quick 'punk' style song I made to test my new Amplitube 3 rig:


Mercy Point: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Northern Insomnia: Between The Devil and The Blue Sea:

Between The Devil And The Blue Sea

Here's a couple of demos by ERStudios I made vocals and lyrics for and located on SoundCloud - click on the song name to listen:

Stirring The Pot

This here is my 2014 entirely solo album 'Star Children' which is available in most web stores, iTunes, Spotify etc. Click on the image to open Spotify link to it! Or listen to it and more in Mikseri:

2nd installation of a three-EP set from Project-43. Click on the image to access the P-43 download site.

Means To An End 

At this spot I'll introduce my first noveI I published in 2014, 'Means To An End'. It's available in most e-book stores like Amazon US and the rest of the world.

"In a city ruled by aliens and inhabited by trans-humans, a man from the wastelands, Jeric, becomes an assassin for humanity's endeavors to regain the rule of the planet - but nothing is as it seems in this post-apocalyptic, solitary citadel of aliens."

It's Sci-Fi dealing with morality, transhumanism and the reason for existence and such issues.

And here's a couple of bands I work or have worked with:

 I have worked with P-43 since 2005 or so and we've released several albums. Click on the image to access the web page for the newest stuff, or listen to some older songs at or soundclick:

A slighty older and more 'metal' P43-release by clicking on the picture:

Here's an old original video from P-43:


Refrain was a great band I sang one EP for plus backings for another. Click on the pic for more!

Crankenhaus was a grunge band I was in till 2008. Click on the logo for more info!

The first P-43 video, Dagger:


Aura.K was a band I was in before D-A and we did a number of releases...again, click the image for more...

Another band in JKL was No Class - click the pic for more:
Here's a few live recordings from No Class in '97: Rock '97 live

My very first band in the 80's was called Big Deal:

D-A & friends Suonna Kononen and Mika Lassuri NYC Streets of Gold

NYC Streets of Gold

Mercy Point: Tattoo

Tattoo ‎‎(On My Skin)‎‎

Working on some new rock tunes for the next solo sort of 'ACDC' style this time...this is all solo work like the 'Star Children' and 'Carpe Diem' released you'll find scrolling below:

Baby Got Back

My latest solo EP Carpe Diem on Spotify: (click on the image, opens in a new window)

Carpe Diem

The first Mercy Point EP video release This Feels Like The First Time:

YouTube Video

Mercy Point EP:s second video 'Surrender':

Mercy Point: Surrender

A solo song I wrote and recorded in one go: Grab the Money, Coward. A better version of it ended up on the Carpe Diem EP:

Grab The Money, Coward

Here's some Rock-pop by Whobody - a band with me on vocals, guitars and Mika Lassuri on drums and Sami Seppä on bass, Kari Abspoel on guitar. The first EP is now on Spotify, click on either the cover or Spotify logo to listen: (NB! Spotify is now free to use via ANY browser, no need to download anything, just have to register!)


Here's the first of the EP trio by P-43 in 2014, click to access P-43 download page:

In 2013 I did vocals and lyrics for a bunch of songs by Andy Feehan, The Cloudrunner. Click on the image for them! Check out his YouTube presence at  

Spookbox is a band I formed with old friends of mine. Click on the image to access most of our recorded songs on

And here's a video of one of the Spookbox songs the drummer Janne Partanen did for us:

Pathetic Song

And another video we did at the training facility, my edit & recording:

YouTube Video

And let's also put up a live clip:

YouTube Video

Here's some video of Crankenhaus playing live in JKL:

Crank medley

A full live song from Crankenhaus, Trunk Full of Secrets. BTW all the Crank lyrics were penned by the late great Keith Adams.

Trunk Full of Secrets

A couple videos by Aura.K in the turn of the millenia:

Game of the week

Scanner darkly

And more...