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Cover and collaboration tunes I have worked with

Latest non-video collab: Savatage's Edge of Thorns cover. All instruments by Enrique Romero, vocals by me:

The Final Toke

Wings of The Sun

Here Sounds The Siren of Hell

Legend of The Serpent


Megadeth: Blood of Heroes:

Blood of Heroes

A Megadeth collab video, Train of Consequences:

Train of Consequences

Megadeth cover Addicted to Chaos with Stefan Moraru, Nabil Karsheh, Alex Timaru & Andrei Dumitriu :

Addicted to Chaos

   More Megadeth covers: Angry Again:

Angry Again

A full cover of Sweet Child of mine with Razzle, Ari Käyhkö and Brattmatter:

Sweet Child of Mine AGF special

My vocal cover of Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls:

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Here's a FIGHT cover with Andy Phillips, Mar Zl and Markus Ylänne - I did the simple video and Andy mixed:

Into The Pit

Here's an old Metal classic we covered; Judas Priest. For this one I also edited the video and mixed the audio; special animations and intro video by Joonas Ylänne however:

Metal Gods

A bit nastier vocal style used here - Accept:

Balls to The Wall

And some more Judas:

YouTube Video

How about Gates of Babylon right about here:

Gates of Babylon

A Black Sabbath cover: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath:

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath collab

Black Label Society: Graveyard Disciples cover:

Graveyard Disciples

Judas Priest cover Hellbent For Leather with the project 'Axohol' with Steve Kotsopoulos, Christopher Bell, Charlie Wardick, Mika Lassuri and others:

Hellbent for Leather

My vocal cover of Helloween's I Want Out...this I sang over a 'metal karaoke' backing track:

I Want Out

Here's the latest cover video I did with P-43 - April Wine and 'Roller':     

April Wine cover: Roller

Creedence Clearwater Revival was a big influence on me in my late teens..this cover done with Stefan Moraru, Chris Bell & Juho Kaasinen:

Fortunate Son

Here's a Queen collab I was in. Also edited the video and mixed the audio:

Another One Bites The Dust

Youth Gone Wild parody video done with Project-43:

Old Men Gone Wild

P-43 cover of Temple of Dog's Hunger Strike:

Hunger Strike

Nightwish (Pink Floyd) cover: High Hopes:

High Hopes

And for variation a more 'pop' cover - Muse!


And Finns especially might like the Hanoi Rocks cover:


Let's post another Queen cover song video we did with P-43 here:

Fat Bottomed Girls

Some more old metal covering - this time Rush - Bastille Day:

Bastille Day

I even got to play the solo on this ACDC cover:

Shot Down in Flames

This Alice in Chains cover features my vocals and some guitar plus audio mix and video edit.
Also included: Paul Dqkr: drums, Ryan Fiz: bass, Al Dowlatshah: guitars. Also edited the video and mixed the audio.

YouTube Video

Since we started with old metal classics let's throw in some Maiden:

Hallowed Be Thy Name

A collab cover of Twisted Sister's The Price:

The Price

And some Starz!

Pull the Plug

Let's put this great Dictators song here:

Baby Let's Twist

Then some Chop Suey!

Chop Suey!