"DEEAA aka Antti 'Dee' Heikkinen is a Finnish songwriter/singer/artist. Born in the 70's his music is raunchy rock stretching into pop and even metal influences, with roots firmly in blues and grunge"

Starting in the late 80's I've been in bands such as Big Deal, No Class, Brutaali Magneetti, Aura.K, Crankenhaus, P-43, Spookbox, Mercy Point as well as numerous projects and sessions mostly as a vocalist or vocalist/guitarist. Currently I'm busy mostly with my semi-solo band   D-A as well as others. 

Right now you can hear my music on Spotify mostly by looking for     'D-A' and an album name like 'D-A Absolution' or 'Grunker'.

My other monikers on Spotify are Inkilä, search for 'Inkilä 70340 Underground' and others as well, such as Whobody and older releases like Spookbox and  Crankenhaus - Bet You Burn Some Day album, and also work with bands, look for 'Mercy Point' for instance.

2018 has seen several releases with 'LZM' Lassuri on drum duty. Simply scroll down to find out more. As a band, D-A was started at the turn of the millenium as a touring band, releasing an EP and two EP lenght demos, and evolved into a solo act with the first full album release 'D3vil Makeup'  followed later by 'Star Children' and 'Carpe Diem' EP's in digital distribution and 9-song 'Red Pigs'  and then 2018 EP 'Absolution' and a full album 'Grunker'

You can also find him on Facebook with the name: deeheikkinen or YouTube user: deeaa

please contact me via email

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This is the first 2018 release; maxi-EP 'Absolution' with Mika Lassuri on drums.
Also available on iTunes and many other streaming sites

The whole EP as a single video on YouTube here:

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INKILÄ 70340 Underground
An acoustic EP with Janne Partanen who wrote the lyrics
and largely vocal melodies etc. and Mika Lassuri on drums

The whole EP as a YouTube playlist here:

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This is a 2018 compilation/best of tracks from D-A solo era releases.

Also available on iTunes and most other streaming sites.

Batouttahell EP 

The whole album as a YouTube playlist here:

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The Second EP from Mercy Point

Me on vocals, Matthew Bratter on the rest

Mercy Point's first EP; me on vox, Matthew Bratter, and Mika Lassuri on drums.

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A 'little' more metal...TheCloudRunner's EP

The 2016 Album 'Red Pigs'. Click on the cover picture beside to open it as YouTube playlist.

Listen to it on SoundCloud, Deezer or iTunes etc!

BUY Red Pigs on CD here:

This is the 2014 release; EP 'Star Children'

Link to listen to it on Deezer :

Also available on iTunes and many other streaming sites!
Or download directly as zip file HERE

"This album I composed and recorded basically in 48 hours in the fall of '14 and it set the direction for all my future solo work under the name D.A. The lyrics are reflections on my views on life and how I'd hope my own children might some day understand how the world works. It has been well received and I'm very proud of how it turned out; some of my best work is included on this release."


This is the 2015 release: EP 'Carpe Diem'

Link to listen to it on Deezer : 

Also available on iTunes and many other streaming sites!

"This album was done in 2015, originally slated to have full 9 or 10 songs I was feeling critical of my work and decided to keep it EP length. The tunes are of varying style and I experimented with different recording methods and working styles with this release"


Pasus & Kemas album 'Antigospel' was also released in 2017

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Crankenhaus' 2008 grunge classic on Spotify here. I'm the guitarist/composer/backing singer.

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Bit older pop-rock with Mika Lassuri on drums, Sami Seppä on bass, and Kari Abspoel on guitar

OTHER WORK BY DEEAA; Keep scrolling! There is material available by most of my bands past and present, as well as cover videos and tunes.


Why does a person like me keep making music and posting videos and whatnot? Am I keen to get famous or well-known? The answer is both yes and definitely not!

To quote Bruce Dickinson:

 "I'm not interested in being famous. Fame is the excrement of creativity, it's the shit that comes out the back end, it's a by-product of it. People think it's the excrement that you should be eating. It's not. It's the creativity and the audience and being there in the moment."

Read more at 

However, unlike Bruce, I don't have any other means of reaching audiences than spreading my music online. It's the act of creating something that hooks me. But...does a tree falling in a forest make a sound if nobody is there to hear it? My answer would be that for all intents and purposes, no. In order for something to become reality, it has to be observed, or we're talking Schroedinger's cat basically. That's why I keep making music and other projects.

That is why, ever since the late 80's I've been into music creation. Starting out on guitar, I turned a vocalist mostly, but have since tried my wings on most anything related to bands and music creation; I've been a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, mixer, producer, you name it. I've produced and recorded CD releases and worked on many video projects and recording sessions, worked as a session singer and gigged around the country for several years with many different bands. Most of my live playing and performing career happened in the '90's in Jyväskylä, Finland, but nevertheless the bulk of my music and other work that has been saved in one format or another has been created past 2000.

LEGACY MATERIALS: Full release free downloads to some of the legacy stuff I've worked with, just click to download the entire album, currently 10 releases are available here: