My current Camponotus modoc queen


Welcome, ant-lovers! This site is dedicated to ants, the study of ants, the taxonomy of ants, the keeping of ants,....

Well you get the point. The purpose of this site is a compilation of ant knowledge, a place where ant-keepers can check for everything they need to know to keep ants. I made this site so that people wouldn't have to look at many different places to find what they're looking for.

This website includes a ton of guides at the moment, and I plan to add many more! All the guides receive updates from time to time, so they remain up-to-date.

In addition, this websites includes links to many great resources, including books, websites, ant-selling companies, videos and forums!

If you have any feedback, post here for the yuku thread.

I also have a thread for this site on Formiculture, World of Myrmecology and on Ant Hill World.

This site was founded in 2012, and is in close co-operation with Inline ants since 2013.

Now for a little backstory.

I always liked social insects, especially ants, because of all the videos showing ant fights. Back then, I didn't know much about ants, and I always tried to "make the soldiers come out" from my neighborhood's Lasius colony (in case you're new to ants, Lasius ants don't have "soldiers"). When I stumbled upon the yuku ant forum , I finally learned the proper definitions. I got my first queen later that year, but unfortunately she died after raising a batch of workers. Now I have a second queen who will hopefully survive and raise a successful colony. Edit: She did indeed rear a colony, which I released.

If you want to read about my current colonies, here's my Camponotus journal.
If you would like, you could email me your story on how you got hooked on ants (my email can be found on the contact page).

Thank you all very much for visiting, as it took a lot of time and effort to buid my website.

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