Antonis Michis
Economist, Central Bank of Cyprus                                                   



Recent research:

"Determinants of Ship Management Fees", chapter in P. M. Panayides (Ed.), Handbook in Maritime Management, Routledge (forthcoming).

Discussion of “Should we Sample a Time Series More Frequently?: Decision Support via Multirate Spectrum Estimation” by G.P. Nason, B. Powell, D. Elliott and P.A. Smith.  Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 180 (2), 353-407, 2017. Link

"Case Study: Shipping Trend Estimation and Prediction via Multiscale Variance Stabilisation", Journal of Applied Statistics 44 (15): 2672-2684, 2017 (with Guy P. Nason). pdf

"Market Concentration and Nonlinear Pricing in European Banking", Journal of Economics and Business 85 (May-June): 1-12, 2016. Link

"Channel Concentration and Retail Prices: Evidence from the Traditional Cheese Market of Cyprus", Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization 14 (1): 109–119, 2016 (with Anna G. Markidou). Link

Rotating bubble chart