Antonis Michis
Economist, Central Bank of Cyprus                                                      


Recent research:

Discussion of “Should we sample a time series more frequently?: decision support via multirate spectrum estimation” by G.P. Nason, B. Powell, D. Elliott and P.A. Smith. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 180 (2), 353-407, 2017. Link

"Case study: Shipping trend estimation and prediction via multiscale variance stabilisation", Journal of Applied Statistics (with Guy P. Nason) (forthcoming). pdf

"Market Concentration and Nonlinear Pricing in European Banking", Journal of Economics and Business 85 (May-June): 1-12, 2016. Link

"Channel Concentration and Retail Prices: Evidence From the Traditional Cheese Market of Cyprus", Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization 14 (1): 109–119, 2016 (with Anna G. Markidou). Link

"National Sentiment and Consumer Choice: The Iraq War and Sales of US Products in Arab Countries", Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117 (3): 769 - 1048, 2015 (with Sofronis Clerides and Peter Davis). Link
Rotating bubble chart