Main Principle - Curiosity & Multidisciplinarity

Antonio Scala, research scientist at ISC (CNR)

Background: Statistical Mechanics, Computational Physics

Keywords: Complex Networks , Energy Landscapes ,  Simulation of Hard Bodies, Critical Infrastructures

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  • IMT Institution Markets & Technologies, Lucca
    • NETWORKS research unit
    • CSSLab Laboratory of Computational Social Science
  • LIMS  London Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • AIIC Associazione Italiana esperti in Infrastrutture Critiche
  • OSN  Osservatorio Sicurezza Nazionale


  • FOC FOrecasting financial Crises 
  • PLEASED PLants Employed As SEnsing Devices
  • MULTIPLEX Foundational Research on MULTIlevel comPLEX networks and systems
  • CNR-PNR National Project ”Crisis-Lab”