Antonio Pessoa
                 Winds of Changes



   Through the winds of changes,artist,art curator Antonio Pessoa,searches for new solutions for his personal life  and inevitably for his career as well.
   A great communicator,Pessoa might find himself at times rather distressed,experiencing doubts,a dangerous field of emotions and unsolved priorities coming and going in a sort of magnetic resonance.Overwhelmed by a ruthless hurricane of contradictory ambivalences which structure  seldom turns out to be not as solid as it should,however striking hard enough to create a state of fragility involving lack of interest in the art scene and therefore involving an immediate urgency calling out a new resuscitation of perception and life style.
   Obviously,this sort of emotional overflow happened so many times in Antonio Pessoa's adventurous life and artistic career involving personal and professional
relationships,somehow making him carving his destiny with the unpredictable manner of the ones who never surrender to mediocrity,no matter what's at stake and very often taking the most apparently unthinkable options.
   Pessoa continues renewing his conclusions,leading him to new values,obviously the necessary Winds of Changes,brand-new updated solutions focusing their positive energy and wisdom on a more solid,self-sactisfying and rewarding life style.
   This isn't supposed to mean a switch of direction but more likely a fresh new take of perception,self-improvement and therefore happiness and character enhancement step by step method and program.
   Antonio Pessoa,the artist,Pessoa,I would claim a new sort of art expert,keeps on living and systematically goes on rearranging his inner relations paradigms and beliefs accurately representing reality as a matter of discovery on a daily basis.
   His personal and always unique life style and posture  in the frantic world of today's art scene very probably on very short terms are going to be projected inevitably in his always surprising and tremendously innovative artworks.
   Unquestionably it has been this unbreakable enthusiasm for the things in life as a whole which has been interesting the public,art lovers and art collectors,somehow turning Antonio Pessoa's life to become even more exciting and thrilling than his artwork.
   Despite all the ups and downs,ins and outs,Pessoa has always been proving to be and to live at the highest level elegantly faithful to his living and emotional values,no matter what was at stake,let alone his artistic career.
   Knowing Pessoa as I do know him I can easy and certainly bet that these blowing winds of changes are once again part of a yet another splendid metamorphosic process making way for a new outlook of life,emotional level,life style,perception,happiness and surely a new stage of contemporary fine art performance hopefully coming soon.
   Nevertheless,one way or another,with more or less art production,Antonio Pessoa seems to be going through a period in which
one dozen of stimulating activities seem to come up almost at the same time,involving the artist in a breathtaking overflow of mental energy spending,plus a lot of pressure from the ones who only expect him to act and produce like the average art making commited artist.
   The apparent effortless manner of leading his life alongside  his artistic career,turns Pessoa into one of the most original personalities in today's contemporary art scene,stamped with the uniqueness of distinction,I would even go further and suggest,actually very suitable for a Hollywood production leanding role.
   Mitigated by the undeniable fact that his artwork is worldwide friendly accepted,admired and cherished,the crash point comes alive
time after time when Pessoa runs out of patience or legitimate interest for a specific situation and consequently next thing we know,
Antonio Pessoa is driving every of his closest friends and colaborators ,crazy and near desperation filtering through the screen of real life in a splash of emotional storm,freezing flames and God knows what else.
   And,yes sir,that's when everyone around him starts hating to admit that maybe,well,just maybe,a hard rain is about to fall.
   Well,art lovers,please do keep these images in your head because according to my ten years of experience,as an art critic and close friend of Pessoa,usually all this on-going Commedia dell'Arte turns out to bring a new breeze of fresh air,well,well,then everything goes back to smooth routine,even against all odds.
   Anyway,let's face it,an intense,talented,creative one such as Antonio Pessoa,artist,musician,art expert,mediator,couldn't be expected to always react like a John Doe,so to speak.However,despite the amount of good reasons he might eventually think he has to react or overreact,Pessoa at least always seems to dress with the common sense enough to eventually apologize or at least keep in mind in order to be a bit more cool next time social life's weather report isn't favorable to his peculiar and very personal tastes.