Antonio Pessoa
       Visual Arts

Antonio Pessoa's latest artistic discoveries,mainly Holland based artists such as Peter Jansen,André Schweers,Robert Terwindt,Harrie Gerritz,Klaas Gubbels,Chris Berens,Emilio Kruithof,Dorien Plaat,Peter Schenk,Rob Scholte,Richard Smeets and surprise,surprise,even former dutch rock star Herman Brood,now coming up with amazing artworks,seem to have been the summarized inspiration for the making and conclusion of Visual Arts,acrylic on canvas,2007. Visual Arts is unquestionably about bringing out his admiration for an excellent selection of artists with enough art expression equivalencies with his new line of work. Antonio Pessoa is clearly proud to celebrate his new artistic discoveries from around the world,and very particularly Holland,by offering us a charming painting in the style and direction of his new artistic discoveries. At the same time as Pessoa describes analogous artistic formulas,he as always goes on and on convincingly making his new contemporary fine art claims all the more persuasive and globally significant. Genuinely interested in arts and specifically in other artists,Antonio Pessoa art performance with each turn encounters a substantial wide range of natural and spontaneous inspiration sources placing a strong emphasis on helping public,art lovers and art collectors,develop an easy going viewflow and deep understanding process that will definitely give them the necessary stimulus and new art vision to actually continue making their general interest grow with heightening heroism reaching the wise focus point where art creators and potential art collectors meet for a contemporary visual arts celebration,communication and neo-Renaissance. Back in business and falling into a fertile contemporary art formula,Antonio Pessoa in Visual Arts embraces and accomplishes the truly essential mode d'emploi to one of the most vibrant art expressions we are pleased to witness in the twenty first century's first decade. Here is the honest,emotional,intimate visual narrative of a passionate contemporary art explorer named Antonio Pessoa,as the outstanding master of creativity of today's art scene. Well focused on the creation of works which are primarily visual in nature,adopting other artists talents as a tool,Antonio Pessoa not only becomes more and more an important reference but also a contemporary talisman to the current and upcoming art collectors worldwide community. Using almost academic content standards in Visual Arts,Pessoa nevertheless succeeds accomplishing the high point of visual transformations,registering striking new techniques,as a result of a wide knowledge,experience,talent and intuitive training,creating systematic visual keywords associations and thereby emphasizing new concepts of contemporary fine art,continuously exploring all possibilities for new answers,displaying new versions plus encouraging unexpected perspectives in perfect accordance with his advanced cultural viewpoint and therefore adressing an exciting pictography outreaching a privileged quality level from which he takes off to explore and nurture the relationship between contemporary visual arts and public. Contemporary and innovative,Pessoa's interior living fire designs and builds the opportunity for all of us to find and share a new stylish face of fine art cruise travel,so to speak. An artist-led not for finantial profit but to promote a genuine and heartfelt access to a brand- new art expression environment and universal profile,Antonio Pessoa's alternative research does actually afford one of the most exciting lines of contemporary wall art paintings so very much in tune with the new generation of art collectors demand,in the public realm and definitely in the significance of place and context of today's art scene most enjoyable and brightest side. Celebrating the here and now dynamic times,yet fully appreciated in the canon of traditional modern art,Antonio Pessoa actively collects a broad challenging range of formulas,mediums and languages,thereby curating a unique metaphoric imagery skillfully combined and extensively responding to the latest contemporary methodologies. VISUAL ARTS,making connections between fine art and other,shall we say,disciplines,leads us once again to the highest achievement of understanding the perfect sense and the inevitable relation between modern art History and contemporary culture. Pessoa's conceptual innovations and their role in the making of his New Era creative expression stamp now through the Timeless Time Art Collection,leads us and takes us to an advanced level of sharp interesting references in all areas of what contemporary art is actually meant to be and furthermore to become.A new curriculum of suggestions,identifying knowledge and broad communication resources,even a new artistic education global reform,something which is being sought as an urgent potential of new ideas along with thousands of other supporting worldwide shared motivations and priorities,specifically and very particularly given that the connection lines between artists,art galleries and art collectors or even public in general have now reached a no way back universal consensus where the correlation after all has turned out to be a whole creative trading community,in shared content,interests,events,in the thinking critically process,the now and next generation engine already expecting a new course of influence,outlook,an art performance incorporated in the new values of quality,visual poetry,demonstrating how current lifestyle,today's world times,culture and visual arts can influence each other in making the abstract yet simplified manner of global perfect togetherness actually come true,safe and sound,for good. VISUAL ARTS,the untroubled kingdom of abstract reason,a land of intuitive make-believe,a motion pictures domain of contemporary discourse,here is where we enter the region of art magic by the hands,mastery and imagination of Antonio Pessoa's cosmic realm. Pure art color magic,one of the most exciting fantasy delivery by the mastery of an artist who keeps on showing the world how to draw patterns,use color and select dynamic fine art ,improving enormously his artistic speech,language skills,all so well combined in order to provide a rich and rewarding continuous evolution to contemporary art expression,characterized by a liberal amount of out in the open emotions,when apparently the first visual impact is that of a circus of decoration spread throughout the canvas. VISUAL ARTS,projects clearly Antonio Pessoa's current artistic speech and in so doing is granting a vast array of interactive communication,the abstract yet symbolic visualization of an increasing concept of emotional freedom according to the artist's commited interest at the heart of his daily investigations into the fascinating mind exploring related issues. An Installation on canvas,perhaps,why not,rich in transition art sentences along with a highly communicative dance code of intentions and multiple directions where unquestionably deliberate guidelines pertaining to freedom of artistic expression succeed to project outwards with as much literate wisdom sense as pure conventional verbal speech. Antonio Pessoa comes up with Visual Arts through his almost exclusive free-the-thought process,playing by the rules,yet breaking the boundaries both concerning his private life and his artistic performance. Successful mirrors reflecting the faithful expression of his most spiritual period up to now. Not a painter who paints what he sees,Pessoa paints his deepest emotional portrait,a reliable window open to his inner world,definitely,however in the meantime an open golden gate to the art lovers worldwide community. A significant third vision eye overlooking the public diversity,the art of communication most daring adventure offering hints and tips about getting and spreading emotional and living emancipation around,almost as a holy priority,an original retrospective of wise conclusions and stand by hanging in the air doubts,written with painting brushes in a mystical abstract manner,however magically succeeding to make apparent structural aesthetic choices,options and ideas break through the invisible glass of silence and provide a new approach by somehow capturing the three-dimensional voice of effective universal communication. Antonio Pessoa's eyesight and awareness are well reflected in Visual Arts,as it has been brightly posted in his latest artworks and it certainly will follow this very same communication level throughout his upcoming art productions. Seeing the world through an artist eyes never seemed to be such an easy-to-do process as when one eventually comes across Pessoa's recent oeuvre precisely just about to witness beyond the special effects screen the presence of the magical windows overlooking the transcendental landscape of vibrant energy,revealing feelings,emotions,concepts and ideas on the cutting edge of contemporary art expression as in the vision and imagery of Visual Arts.