Antonio Pessoa

Antonio Pessoa,more than ever,is well aware that there is a whole system out there running our Universe. He's been intensively working this over for over two years now,as a steady Mind researcher and inevitably his recent contemporary art series reflect faithfully with definity reciprocity this on and on and on Spritual Genesis process the artist is going through. One million stepping stones for his personal,artistic,social life and public journey. The artist's honest evaluation and reputable wisdom dictates that Freedom starts every each moment he takes a look at his life and knows a fullfilling life must be spiritually,personally and emotionally rich,and art action is the priority factor that brings him rewarding results on a daily basis.The one thing that brings him the greatest satisfaction. Visions of Freedom and Life Supreme,provide him with the boosting motivation to make growth a daily commitment.Beyond Antonio Pessoa's Visions excellence comes up not as an act but as a natural effortless habit. Now we all have no doubt he is succeeding in all areas he is commited to. Free! A creative Mind building Visions and make them what he wills.Every hours of his life consciously and unconsciously.An artist creating his own mentality,and in so doing powerfully suggesting and influencing his increasingly rich and exciting reality. By systematically establishing a close connection between the Individual Will and Universal Will,Visions of Life mighty power at his command,the artist experiences the ultimate Mastery of emotional Freedom. Fanciful Visions to Truth and simplicity following his own voice through the magical art performance odyssey as a cheering heavenly audience erupts in a deafening ovation. Let alone being totally focused on his exciting Contemporary Fine Art series,studio daily work,in the spiritual field,Antonio Pessoa in essence systematically develops a sunny bright Tunnel Vision providing him with a powerful ability to focus on what is crucial and relevant for his knowledge enhancement,one of the main reasons his level of life quality is becoming more and more in correlation to his amazing talent to make the most of completely re- programming his Mind and go on walking down the sunny boulevard of Life Supreme. This is an absolute Must thinking Magic,a Psycho Cybernetics exciting adventure,a Vision on the hook for absolute emotional and artistic Freedom. Yes,the artist is successfully performing some effects that suggest what Visions may turn out to be,depending on how you perform them.Remarkable! And fact is,the ongoing effects in his life are proving to b esubstantially good,strikingly magical and surprisingly perfect. The artist's Visions of greater and higher ways to get on acting on his wildest dreams,has long become his number one passion,the next level of Art,his secret tools to celebrate life,applying an exciting whole system of innovative formulas aiming at creating magical results to boosting hapiness and ultimate Freedom. Antonio Pessoa,always particularly talented at generating new ideas and coming up with new schemes to exercise his creative power and instincts,is becoming more and more involved in living his personal,artistic and public life by thriving on adventure,knowing beforehand that some of the best ideas actually come out of the blue and all he has to do is to keep and open mind to see their virtue. Can you actually imagine ever doing what makes you real happy,only ever working with what you are passionate about ? Well,this is the direction the artist's life is taking right now.Bring it on ! Perceptive Visions of one thousand and one ways to live and enjoy Life Supreme,make absolute Art, ( and perfect sense ! ) and reach the highest levels of Happiness,Wisdom,Awareness,Enlightnment,Fulfillmen t and everlasting Freedom. Antonio Pessoa's straightforward steps toward effective and magical Visualization are definitely inner guidance oriented and inspired,as a brave new world of outstanding possibilities come to him through pictures,words and feelings. No need to control or manipulate whatsoever.The artist's open mind allows the Visions to come as messages and possible dreams or even revelations that seem to answer even the wildest and most controversial and complex questions as the ultimate confirmation that emotional potential is after all the most powerful magnet that can indeed attract the wonders of conspiring Universe into real life. Visualizing through high level quality Visions,reaching Imagination's full potential,Pessoa paints his present and paints his future,as in Art performance,making absolutely sure all his dreams come true while the conspiring Universe gives him total permission to believe and beyond,take perceptive and accurate action and finally see them become a reality. Life Supreme Newsletter! If Contemporary Art is what stirs his passions,with an intense sunny gleam in his eyes and a powerful bounce in his steps,his Visions these days keep him deliciously tuning into the multiple wonders that are worth waking for in the mornings. It sounds like Magic,but it is really so simple,when he freely goes on finding Visions of Wisdom systematically floating into his mind as he delightfully fascinated watches what now happens in is life and in his Art,in such a way that even pleases the souls of the ones around him,his friends,fellow artists,web designers,managers,co-workers,collaborators,art critics,family and public. While Pessoa is re-designing his complete profile and outlook of life,his Art is unquestionably a faithful reflection of his emotional Freedom Generator.Himself! Most important of all the artist is growing more and more concerned about his necessity (even urgency!) of aligning his dreams to the Greater Good,including the desire to bring Contemporary Art a fresh new Vision through which he is successfully spreading around and widely communicating the vibrational concept of Universal togetherness. Every each day,proving to be a great believer and a full commited contributor to the expansion and liberation of the Whole,through facts,actions,through attitude,and inevitably through art expression,Antonio Pessoa believes and remains connected to how essential it is to infuse all of our actions and thoughts with positive energy. Evaluating his gifts,talents and abilities we finally come to fully understand Antonio Pessoa's Visions snowball effect and how they are actually contributing to improve the quality of life of others,starting right at his Home Studio,among his friends and soulmates,using his inspiration for attaining abundance and experience the freedom and liberation needed in order to manifest his greatest potential and in so doing inspire others to do the same. Visions of Love within desire,while celebrating Visions of sharing,sharing the secrets of how to create well-being,graduating to Life Supreme,Fulfillment and Freedom. The artist's new invention,new intention,new way of living and feeling and consequently bringing these wonderful concepts to life and making way for Contemporary Art on its way to reach the worldwide public with the explicit message of a better World !