Antonio Pessoa
              Trial by Fire

Once again the artist delivers the ultimate thrill,as we all look genuinely awestruck before one more It's Hard to Believe sort of challenge,through which the art creator's puzzling experiments insist in preparing us yet for another public Watchout session.Fair enough. What is this all about,after all,you may ask.Let me explain. Commited himself to the achievement os self- development all areas highest levels,Antonio Pessoa combines information...or should I say,Knowlrdge ...from multiple resources,thereby getting instant access to this fascinating dimension of living magic and most importantly to this highly effective mind power multilateral expertise. Emerging across all the information available,the artist's determination and traditional straightforwardness seem to be once again tough enough to track the whole of this advanced tutorials,leaving us to absolutely expect the upcoming high-impact all this wisdom structure and mastery are going to have in his private life,art performance,lifestyle and most importantly in his public projection,as the paradigmatic entrepreneur artist of our times and obviously as the new generation great communicator. Getting ready to indeed operate a daring new artistic enterprise and worldwide venture,Pessoa inevitably assumes a great deal of accountability for the inherent risks,setbacks,stand bys,ins and outs and general obstacles,definitely a scary process ( not for all ) where getting accurate valuable advice and cutting edge information never seems to be enough in the new start-up stage of his current and coming soon king-sized challenges where sharing his responsibilities and vision with his collaborators international team definitely requires a proficiently advanced How- To immediate decision making skills,where his mind tools productive effectiveness will be unquestionably on Trial by Fire! Taking a good look at the tools,modus operandi,and processes Antonio Pessoa continually uses in his rich and colorful day to day life,we helplessly can't resist to get a glimpse into the artist's life latest news,always expecting the next episode to be far more striking and exciting than the ones before. People from all over Europe and United States write to me telling us they indeed do spend a lot of time researching and reading about the artist's methods,deliciously grabbed and entertained by how he systematically manages to get off to a new blazing start just about to a always unexpected new series of brilliant and satisfying conclusions,as one of the art scene world's most unique,amusing and amazing on-going profiles. The extent to which Pessoa exhibits various and interesting characteristics,provides us with sufficient visibility to fully understand his increasing degree of positive exposure to public notice.Fact. Therefore,extinguishing the fire with a calm spell seems to be right now the hardest accomplishment for anyone within the artist's friends circle. Besides,anyway,nobody seems to have no reasons to actually wish that to happen. Slowly but surely turned on by the tempting idea of living feeling today everything is possible,even his wildest dreams,Antonio Pessoa uses his mind's full potential to wish things to happen and surprise,surprise,fact is that then they actually do. However there is after all the secret,the special trick,which enables the artist to deal with challenges he has to face,by astonishingly quadrupling his vision,knowledge,meeting the goal achievement proper balance with his traditional rock-solid determination to make the seemingly impossible a now-reality. Sensitive,selective,fast and accurate,the artist faithfully keeps on following a truly effective method,which unfortunately for most of us,strange as it seems,remains a one million dollars secret! No doubt Pessoa must have enough good reasons to have entitled this painting "Trial by Fire ".Pure abstract art,caughts the eye of the viewer,regardless the message or meaning,however as we all become more and more familiarized with the content-intent of this particular artwork,which is after all,and most important of all,the mirror reflecting the powerful heart and soul of a life veteran sort of artist,once again stubbornly committed to change his mind's orientation,a current challenging issue which has clearly shown itself to be by now a striking method both proficient and highly effective in all areas and in every step of the way. Banking on proving to himself and to the world that beyond the boundaries of conscious self- evaluation,of conscious global awareness,there is an endless wealthy empire of possibilities,we so very often can't make out,lost through our own mismanagement of our own inner potential scenario,Antonio Pessoa records in " Trial by Fire " the expanded universe available to anyone willing to spend a reasonable full time research aiming at reaching a level of global expertise,the fuel of a dynamic and happy life,wealthy innovations and new ways of viewing the world through self-growth,after all the magical counselling therapy providing a lucid,original and effective practical guide to how accomplish our most cinematic dreams taking off from the deep valuable resources of our inner mind. "Trial by Fire" definitely doesn't pretend to suggest doubt about this high-efficiency method,however clearly points out that the golden results basically depend on absolute true passion,daily focusing,solid motivation,a patient step by step mind fitness plan,an increasing magnitude unbreakable perspective and a whole lot of multiple positive intentions,the ultimate goal setting made easy. Pessoa couldn't have chosen a better title for this mountains beyond mountains of research and observation endless miles and miles and miles to cross,climb and crawl,indeed a Trial by Fire,engaged in fierce emotional tournaments and daring journeys bound to where the glowing pot is placed,solving ancient mysteries hidden in plain sight from our perception,knowledge and wise mindset awareness. This painting once again rises an impressive new set of questions. First and most important of all,is Antonio Pessoa going to pass this stiff examination entitled "Trial by Fire"? We all believe he will,despite also acknowledging that arriving safe and sound at the shining palace at the end of the long and winding road,it's not going to be a twelve minute extravaganza of boiling fun. A mission impossible or a successful accomplishment? I would rather emphasize a mission accomplishment as an already now-reality fact,running like a well-oiled machine. However the big challenge is out there,waiting for an artist willing to be playing with fire,by the book and by the rules,a free trial available for anyone,nevertheless a tough enough match only the brave players can undertake when it comes the time to jump into the titanic overwhelming arena of the Trial by Fire!