Antonio Pessoa
                  STUDIO 1

Now that the mild mediterranean winter is gone once again the whell of the year has brought the warm air and the sugary smell of springtime,inspiring bursts of colors exploding in the sky then landing in the artist's studio up for a happy display of art sessions as they float down the river of Antonio Pessoa's imagination,the magical springtime creative fuel inspiring wall-size images,gorgeous motions,amazing tales and awesome contemporary fireworks! Now that the hibernation is over the create- criteria is back again,a warm welcome back Mr.Art Magician,after the festive cold December Saturday Nights,it seems we now have a full calendar of live studio performance,the one thing about Pessoa we fortunately can always count on. The artist is once again inspired,motivated and willing to share that gifted talent with others.We expect him to remain rock-solid back in business in order to approach his art magic in better and more powerful ways. So let's take a trip through the world of the charismatic fine art storyteller,meet the man,see his ideas,feel his emotions and enjoy his lastest oeuvre. Welcome my friends to Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1,the space where it's taking place another intensive,unpredictable art action period. The artist's Home Studio is now divided in seven departments,each one of them specially equipped with huge stocks of art material for different specific functions performances.With this plurality of art labs,the artist moves about the mansion,his living and creative domain,a professionally organized art factory,where the upcoming fine art wonders are just about to happen,certainly bound to give birth to another astonishing art collection. That's the life,that's the way to do it,Ladies and Gentlemen,in order to accomplish his traditional , reputable super art production,from drawings to collages,from watercolors to king- size canvases. Here comes the sun and consequently here comes another artistic marathon which surely will culminate in yet another amazing series of striking contemporary artworks. During the year 2007,Antonio Pessoa becomes one of the most reviewed artists in the world,thanks to my spare time retired reporter condition and a very special thank you to Pierre Fontanals,Luis Santiago and Nancy Anderson,just to mention a few,who had the ability to know how to establish and maintain a fantastic teamwork spirit and light atmosphere.Also a very special thank you to the artist for his punctual,regular collaboration concerning our private and group sessions,providing us with truthful and accurate information about his past and current life outs and abouts,plus his remarkable assistance related to helping us to understand and decipher the deep meaning of his huge oeuvre artworks,one by one. Like old valuable manuscripts,translating,interpreting Pessoa's past and current artworks plus rather relevant aspects of his past and current private life,providing exemplary and valuable information to our customers and public,has been and it is always a rather intensive laborious task,let alone putting it all down in words,turning them into easy-digest literature articles aiming at a wide range of art lovers and public in general,which is the final process,however definitely not the easiest one. Since the extravagant golden years of Antonio Pessoa's renown,even mythical and legendary Romantic Period,1997-2202,Studio 1 in the year 2007 succeeded becoming one more time a brand-new version of the late nineties artistic production phenomenon,this time now featuring the positive prominent aspects and best characteristics of a serious full-lengh commitment to a totally original new line of striking contemporary fine art. Financially supported by a list of more than five thousand regular clients,local and international,Antonio Pessoa uses this particular privilege to create totally stress-free,focused on his studio work and most importantly making truly artistic wonders with no negative interferences whatsoever,let alone the highly annoying stigma of worry,rush,hurry and smashing pressure. Therefore,it's been within this pleasurable and relaxing microclimate that the positive atmosphere of Studio 1,gave and gives birth to the most genuine Antonio Pessoa's quality art performance up to now.Fact. 2007 has been a year of great ideas and new accomplishments,increasing the artist's composition level and skills.Most importantly it's been a year throughout which Pessoa has proven to have the proper knowledge,determination and vision to reinforce his style and brand,and in so doing building a general idea and reputation concerning his new oeuvre,the wonderful purity of his contemporary fine art cutting edge. Easy and readable for the average viewer,transparent and impactful for the erudite art-connoisseurs educated taste,in spite of the great amount of mystery and ambiguity,purposefully challenging the eye and the senses with the sweet-bitter flavour of vagueness,that playful misleading multi-defined symbology with a value which arouses our aesthetic pleasure before a specific oeuvre when the boundaries of meaning are indistinct. Still too premature to tell and comment from such a short perspective the extent to which Studio 1 is going to become another mythical historic prodigious phenomenon such as Antonio Pessoa's Romantic Period,we might as well however consider the possibility that this previously explored area,might actually already be moving upwards in such an apparently invisible manner we can't afford to detect,let alone see,for the results haven't quite yet turned out to be unquestionable facts,nevertheless,knowing the artist's creativeness,imagination and power of attraction,one should already safely assume,presume and even take for granted that eventually anything is possible,even our wildest dreams and expectations related with Pessoa's upcoming soon future,no matter how skeptical our worldly common sense tells us our outlook should be. Five breathtaking years have gone by since the last days of the Romantic Period,definitely not an eternity yet a space in time adventurous enough to launch the idea that indeed Antonio Pessoa should be by now a different man from the light cheerful one from those extravagant days of Atlantis. However this concept or evaluation could easily make it sound like the overstatement of the century. In spite of the inevitable facts,priority issues plus the artist's current general situation aren't what they used to be,the man's nature remains intrinsically the same whereas his maturity has developed a trained discernment,inevitably conducting to a substantial body of new and stronger capabilities,a new fundamental inner-self emotional autonomy and obviously a remarkable updated approach to contemporary art expression and communication. The artist's 2007 Timeless Time Art Collection - http://timelesstime-artcollection- - can be used as the most reliable mirror,reflecting,witnessing,reporting and consequently helping us to reinforce this theory and subscribe to this point of view,for it's plenty understood by now that Antonio Pessoa's latest oeuvre has the conspicuous self biographical caliber and attitude of a diary. Paintings such as Universal Time,Free,Out of the Blue,Cosmic Cognition,Spiritual Light,Night Wits,Burning Flame,Living Joy,Night Gospel,etc,show us clearly the artist's full commitment to an evolutionary path for a self discovery therapy intensive apprenticeship. Through this systematic daily ritual focused on exploring health and wellness,self- discipline,personal growth and spiritual power,Antonio Pessoa reaches a dimension of art expression of broad sensorial horizons and consequently attracting and leading the viewers to this wonderful,fulfilling experience,embarking them on the realms of the mind's infinite inner potential. This spiritual transformation steadiness,has been so far the step by step progress to mastery,which made way for a considerable amount of followers willing to share,learn and grow with the available intructing support,tutorials and guidance of Pessoa's knowledge and wisdom. Even some of his pragmatically irrefutable pro- real-life skeptical good old friends such as Ariana Sabugal,Marie Louise Lambert,Carmen Olaya and Marc Gilot,seem to have unconditionally surrendered to the tempting delights and well- being excellent prospects of the artist's spiritual method at last check. Marie Louise Lambert and Marc Gilot after a couple of weeks living in the relaxing peaceful comfort of Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1,went back to Paris with a new outlook of life and most importantly genuinely converted to the Universal Awareness rewarding principles. No big surprise after all.These purifying winds of changes blowing across the artist's life and perception,driving him to looping and swirling into a more relaxed spiritual state,have proven to be the expected prophetic reference featuring an entirely new living formula and lifestyle,opening windows overlooking a freshwater river of freedom,happiness and heavenly joy. Thereby,no wonder that creative visualization,spiritual growth,mind power,free inspiration,turned out to become the essential keys for Antonio Pessoa's increasing personal success,let alone the materialization of one of his most striking quality contemporary fine art series. Striving to provide an affordable alternative to average contemporary art,Antonio Pessoa's approach to developing a totally new concept of abstract fine art came up with brilliant results mainly during the past two years,by creating through spontaneous action art an absolutely free style,in which an impressive traffic of colors and symbols play an important role in providing the viewer with thousands of interpretation options prominently featured like a magic engine,and in so doing the artist manages to pull in a significant immediate steady stream of awesome visual illusions. In spite of going on using the traditional fine art thecnical concept of the great modern masters,Pessoa indeed succeeds creating a cutting- edge innovative visual potential with additional subjective codes,the viewers readily join and enjoy with effortless increasing curiosity,enthusiasm and amusing uncertainty. If Antonio Pessoa - Romantic Period's Studio Atlantis was characterized by an extravagant atmosphere,the soul of a vast scenery of hiper- intensive art performance,modern art- oriented,Studio 1,has been so far cultivating a worldwide attitude and a flamboyant outlook of today's art scene,fact which results flow turned out to be a dynamic on-going project inspired by a strong,impactful contemporary fine art prototype plus an artistic unmistakable stamp and brand. The immense potential of Pessoa's Studio 1, is as yet far from being fully worked out and for a long time to come will have to prove the effectiveness of its intentions,by meeting international specific targets and furthermore be able to understand the demands and timing of a whole new generation of art gallery owners,art collectors,art lovers,media and worldwide public. Studio 1's Project is surfing through multiple waves of fresh ideas and new concepts,not only related with the creation of a relevant new abstract formula of contemporary art but also inspired by Antonio Pessoa's increasing interest in the rewarding process of the discovery of inner self and subconscious mind infinite potential. These and those issues are actually succeeding creating a rather amazing togetherness making way for both a new spiritual vision and the new art vision already an on-going full swing experimentation,which results are by now available for the world's eye throughout the artist's latest series. However unpredictable as life itself,Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1 already highlights an overview into the future,personal methods of extracting innovative artistic and practical solutions,by now stimulated by the public reactions and effects to the artist's latest creative proliferation let alone his quality art expression achievements and striking improvement.