Stairway to Heaven
                         Antonio Pessoa, 2001

Years ago a fifteen years old boy named Antonio Pessoa,discovered Raja Yoga.Patanjali Maharishi's tutorials and guidance leads him through a new perception of omnipresent consciousness the artist accepted as a basic principle which was bound to give him valuable assistance and even protection throughout the years yet to come.That was the very beginning of Pessoa's philosophical excursion into the realms of the Spirit. In moments of doubt and distress,Antonio Pessoa could always count on the inner dimension of Kaivalya,the divine state of emancipation and absolute independence,providing him with the privilege and power of individual soul,knowledge of perception,wisdom and liberation.This wandering spiritual energy led him to that superconsciousness level where absoluteness is experienced in life and in art.These revelations dealing with ultimate truth and self-realization later on turned out to be the body of Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle and the heart and soul of his amazing artistic performance up to now. Antonio Pessoa in the year 2001 paints this lovely and charming watercolor titled Stairway to Heaven,obviously inspired by Led Zeppelin's worldwide known song writen by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant,one of the artist's favorite tunes and poems in his early teenage years. Another clear sign of Pessoa's spiritual beliefs,despite his only apparent attachment to the material world. Antonio Pessoa's spiritual infused nature is systematically stated and manifested not only in the gigantic whole of his oeuvre but culturally installed in his inner serene intensity. Throughout the years the artist embraced the perfect life of Supreme Truth,sheltered within the Universal perception of God,a divine image and concept without frontiers, races and cultures,and thereby is this involving fullfilling experience, Pessoa's mystical perceptual belief,which has been after all the Heart and Soul of his unique parallelism of artistic motions punctually reflecting his mind's infinite idea of a universal,even cosmic conclusion of the many marvels of inner peace,happiness and creativity. This spiritual process has indeed successfully managed to involve the artist in a new generation of new contemporary fine art ideas and concepts and in so doing,in his lifestyle as well. The artist's striking creativity has been many times attributed to divine intervention,much more than merely associated with genius,technical application let alone chance. There seems to be no signs of ambiguity in his multi-dimensional oeuvre,but rather a undeniable fascinating mysterious phenomenon of visible artistic inspiration ever associated with a wonderful spiritual model towards existence and at last generating a positive and impressive affect relation between his inner self and art expression. Despite the dramatic stereotypes,visual impact and fierceness of the Black and White album as in many paintings of the bombastic,inflated and sometimes even pretentious Romantic Period,Antonio Pessoa keeps on going back to his depth seeking exercise,where he's once again pleasurably delighted to return to the dimension of feelings control,dancing away with the sound of the silence and the body of the Great Revelation. Stairway to Heaven is just another reflection of an artist charged with the power and the presence of God,that universal immense ocean of wonderful wandering awareness that surrounds us,but too often we just can't see it nor feel it. But then Art communication by the hands of a devotional wizard can bring us or gives back the gift of contemplation and understanding,that supreme degree of emotion and intuitional sensations we all so desperately need in order to finally see,feel and witness the bright side of reality,the true side of existence. The Stairway to Heaven!