Antonio Pessoa
            Stage Time

Going pleasantly through the process of imprinting new values,innovative artistic concepts and multiple changes into his life and career,absolutely clear on the on-going and upcoming procedures,mind made up and totally focused on a positive affirmation of his beliefs,directing the visual arts to the end result he wants and the World simply adores,feeling the emotion that goes along with self-discovery,sharing,art action,live performance and worldwide communication,Antonio Pessoa's life and work manifest in direct proportion to the stimulating communication frequency between art and public. Mainly for the past two years Pessoa has been working with a particularly powerful creative attitude and in the meantime in these two years he has been able to completely change his life and consequently his artistic message and style.It seems like there has been a blessed miracle after miracle since he has adopted the new attitude,outlook of life and developed his positive energy. Antonio Pessoa's course changed the way he dared to imagine,therefore paint and act. He's a much better person and artist today and he has attracted wonderfull people into his life.He has a new circle of friends,all positive,like minded people who help him with extra-studio work,such as clients mailing lists,exhibitions art curating,public relations in Europe and United States ,you name it. His new wonderful lifestyle and attitude provide him with an infinite sense of inner peace translated to creative extra-imagination and consequently it's obvious his life is heading in the right direction. The artist's success naturally is religiously following his positive thinking optimistic rock- solid attitude and his determination to focus on making art the best way he knows how.And,by the way,believe me,he definitely does know how! Enjoy this amazing contemporary fine art that already has become even more colorful,lively ,exciting and new.Stage Time,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2008,tells us about certain events ( eventually! ),magnetic experiences and unique people he systematically draws into his life,apparently almost as by magical currents. Stage Time,more than visioning,it reflects the artist's day-to-day studio,social and professional outs and abouts,explicit prevailing challenges,in short,the essential factors in the positive influences Universe around him,life's dynamic articulation itself,a whole of summarized activities,of mastering intense living efficiency and the inevitable art vision always ready to create new worlds,as the artistic alternate reality.What is indeed interesting is that Pessoa in Stage Time seems to be willing to define his adventurous real-life episodes as aesthetic and convincingly abstract. Exploring life,illuminating the viewers and imagining anyplace,anytime between the present and the future...or even maybe,eternity. Systematically growing and coming up with innovative art expression possibilities in an ever-changing global contemporary art scene,Pessoa proves to be driven by his solid commitment to continuous quality improvement and to exceeding our expectations. Let the dice roll,seems to be the message of this canvas punctually entitled Stage Time,as if shouting "the show must go on",maybe another artwork aiming at cultivating living burning desire,enough plausible arguments to be found in this painting's almost random magnetism,or to put it in another way,very probably the artist is actually underlining the guidelines of super- living,stating it's about time for full swing action,spectacular situations,glamorous moments succumbing to the temptations of the flesh? Apparently to many ifs and buts.At last check,maybe what's at stake it's for him to know and for the viewer to find out.After all,that's the beautiful mystery of art,if you ask me. It's obvious Antonio Pessoa doesn't forget to take time to visualize life's edge,no boundaries required whatsoever,probably the most important and exciting might as well be the exhilaration he feels upon creating visual situations pretending they have already happened ...and Bingo!He is right there where he wants to be! Fabulous,flashy,ambiguous and unique,leaving the art lover waiting until tomorrow for the next chapter of the artist's Stage Time. Nevertheless,one way or another, the idea and most importantly the unbreakable Stage Time attitude has always been Antonio Pessoa's omnipresent playground. A professional musicien since the age of fourteen,no wonder he is definitely a stage veteran,a Life Stage veteran,experienced in the art of direct communication,and at last check,familiarized with the fascinating real-life divine madness,in a manner of speaking. Throughout his life,musicien,traveller and artist,experiences life stage performance while developing his views and thereby empirically learning what's absolutely required and necessary to be a sovereign master of this reality show like real-time communication. Antonio Pessoa's insight as he here obviously proclaims that life is a stage and we are the actors on that stage,leads him to come up with another charming painting whose title combines and heralds his vision of what the essential nature of existing and sharing a world such as our planet is actually all about. Basically random thoughts inspired by his everyday living,a range of conclusions sources plus a whole sea of people admitting and fully understanding that indeed after all life is but a stage. Stage Time engages the viewer by clearly projecting and helping to identify this Playing- Living-Learning-Acting positive attitude,a difference that after all makes the difference between small-time nickel-and-dime mediocrity and big-time personal success. According to the artist's cognitive latest experiences,Stage Time had to be born sooner or later pointing out this concept,inevitably supporting the evidence of the explicit message of this canvas. The author's beliefs and feasible approach to perceiving,experiencing,living,learning and consequently adopting a truthful and reliable role as a star on life's stage,as far as I can recall it has always been one of Antonio Pessoa's priorities,whenever it comes the time to be once again inevitably involved in the fascinating and sometimes stressful display of events and very often unexpected awkward situations,the educational how-to Bible,life's stage,this only in a lifetime mysterious performance we all have to experience,deal with,share,play the best way we know how and preferably enjoy. Through this increasing process of giving contemporary art a new voice,Pessoa goes on and on surprising us with his natural gift and ability to congratulate the art lovers with a large field of immortal subjects,looking at the outside world's orchestra as a composer listening,hearing,watching and observing in order to capture and thereby express the music and poem of life's adventure,flame and challenge,using the visual tools as an accurate interpretation of existence,adding some magical special effects,however clearly and truthfully reporting what we intimately already know,but yet love to see it rearranged by the delicious reality filter only art can provide. Experienced in dealing with real-life with means at hand and circumstances as they are,he is by now supposed to be seriously accepted as a truly reliable wisdom source and a valuable reference,not only in today's art scene but mainly within the whole of the worldwide talented observing greatminds,determined to reach the highest level of awareness and most importantly,share valuable conclusions,after all and as time goes by the infinite greatest contribution for,indeed a better world to live in. Antonio Pessoa's communication power through art is based on his intention and sharp conscience and on how he actually proves systematically to be more and more capable to draw on the creative process as a spiritual path. After endless examinations of how Pessoa indeed manages to make the soul visible through abstract fine art,challenging us to aim high with his punctual visual literature,bringing beauty and a fresh outlook of life to our depleted and cynical world,I easily jump once again to the final conclusion that his Life Stage concept talks basically about the key role of our inner mind,perception and ideology when it comes the time to open the doors and get in the racing flow of passionate actions creating successive magnetizing waves of causes ans effects as the ultimate commitment to something so eternal and wonderfully essential as the challenging process of making our dreams come true!