Antonio Pessoa
     Spiritual Light

SPIRITUAL LIGHT , acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,describes a lengthy experience of Divine Spark,a five star self-education manifesting itself as a out of the darkness process and resolution,predicting a sudden and intensely bright relationship with life itself,the immediate awakening to a new outlook of existence,peace of mind,global perception,universal understanding and Art Supreme. Many questions arise concerning Antonio Pessoa's latest changes,although to many arguments entitled to make this magical resurrection unecessarrily more complex and unbearably annoying,might be an utterly useless waste of time and energy. Suffice is to say,though,that all this wonderful phenomenon is indeed a far more simple and tangible spiritual accomplishment,and I don't think it involves some kind of Buddhist etiquette to achieve this rewarding self-realization level.Fact. There's a time and a place for everything,now was the time for artist Pessoa to exorcize the leftovers from his enfant terrible recent past,and the place is an open to the universe New World,a holy planet where the unclean poor devils and perverted demons have no more connection with roleplaying in the awesome marvelous motion picture titled Antonio Pessoa Fine Art. The Show must go on,however this time now,once and for all and for good,under the Spiritual spotlight,a bridge over troubled waters where the good men and women can picture the presence of the accredited broad range of positive thinking,follow the true easy-to-do higher beliefs,a magnificent model rooted in living out loud in the moment,in the Temple of Love and eternity! With the Spiritual Light guidance and universal perspective,for artist Antonio Pessoa art career urgent issues,daily weekly stress and rush hours social traffic,is not a problem anymore even when the weight of pressure begins to fall and there he is standing in a crowded solo art show opening stuck in a conversation nobody seems to hear and not a single care in the world but the supreme sensation of being alive experiencing the motionless pleasure of cosmic awareness. Just like the Sun,Art through the Spiritual Light seems to fly upon the wings of the new revelation,the creative rainbow rise as the wisdom everlasting breeze softly and gently blow deep into the artist's wide inner acceptance providing inspiration,genius,invention and in so doing everything comes out generating art action spontaneity ,art expression command and flow in every stroke of the painting brush. With the simple notion "I am the Light",Antonio Pessoa becomes more artist and great communicator than ever before. He is now in a far higher level of contemporary fine art making supreme because by now he already knows the most natural,reliable,healthy and powerful way to achieve all his desires as an artist and a human being.His Mind! Whatever his desire or dream,Antonio Pessoa has now the easy-to-do ability to realize it and release it.Thanks to Spiritual Light it's all truly within his reach TODAY! The artist starts his daily art performance journey and over the next few minutes he is going to find out how to take the next step,the step that shows him to unlock his full potential and realize all of his dreams as an art communicator. His subconscious Mind takes control and drives the artistic intuition while his conscious Mind is well focused on absolute art action. Believe it,that's exactly how it happens in Antonio Pessoa's life today. All of his desires are just a step away.Changing his subconscious,Antonio Pessoa is now delivering into his art ritual and artistic productions,all of his potential almost instantaneously. He has unearthed a method that within a few short while,will have his current subconscious destination falling to the canvas space,allowing his new artistic destination to take its place. Suddenly amazingly fine art possibilities and new opportunities appear where nothing existed before. Antonio Pessoa,more than ever feels the art making friction begin to turn in his favour. After weeks and even several months of personal research and exhaustive concentration,Pessoa finally found the secret to changing his artistic destination the easy way,his life and art performance is now filled with joy and happiness. Antonio Pessoa today has increased the depth and intensity of true and effective art communication,public voice,worldwide reputation and without special effort.Spiritual darkness is a thing of the past. With doubt,anxiety,and fear of confrontation behind,the artist,studio veteran,art expert and communicator,Pessoa now wins at all things and artistic challenges he takes on. No wonder so many friends and artists from all over the world are in awe of his ability to actually achieve against all odds! Flying answers overflow as in Dylan's song "Blowing in the Wind",flooding the canvas atmosphere,a dim lighted dawn where passaging bright undefined icons expand across the narrative field,conducting feelings and sensations through a super motion range of tones.Cubist style windows stand as the puzzling background providing light,as a temperamental spiritual heating,as a supreme emotional ventilating system. More than storytelling,Antonio Pessoa reveals spiritual graphics,magical verse words of wisdom through some playful fine art fiction. He dares to be different while pleasing the viewers eyes and senses,and in so doing also letting them discover the epicyclical relations within their hearts,over the Moon and straight back down to Earth for a new mystical existence and freedom enhancement. The Timeless Time concept is now a well integrated attitude in the artist's practicalities of Living,as Spiritual Light generates true liberty,counseling and soul's spring guiding. The Timeless Time concept thereby becomes the interpretation of life in a new edition of universal appreciation and meaning and so therefore establishing a fundamental new equation of contemporary art,a timeless time transpersonal relativity in his everyday fine art making life function,creating and maintaining this private meditation well-being high above to receive continuous Spiritual Growth,tangible artistic objectives plus the wonderful nature of infinity as the next and most reliable unifying point between nothingness and eternity. The Big Thrill as for right now is indeed what future attitude is the artist going to faithfully adopt and by which endless road is the Spiritual Light going to lead him. Once established that his art career is just another alternative creative support-not financial whatsoever,given Pessoa's privileged circumstances-the general perspective seems to be deliciously abstract to say the least. Antonio Pessoa becomes more than ever a quality Living arquitect,a global entrepeneur and ironically a new sort of emotional-intelligence Guru,definitely a new format of spiritual designer. The Big Time artist now possesses and fully enjoys this universal unmovable faith.Not an ephemeral daydream that lacks maturity and understanding,but a genuine attitude of deep belief in himself and in his growing worldwide community of followers and soul mates. More than ever before,in tune with his amazing skills,talents and now the new abilities to see the unseen and to create the uncreatable,Antonio Pessoa besides going on and on producing quality contemporary masterpieces, also by steadfastly bringing out all it takes to make the most of his unstoppable beliefs and high-faith...becomes a leader-believer sharing,expanding,promoting the valuable vision of lifelight welcoming friends,artists,writers,art curators to explore the rewarding possibilities of spiritual power,of purpose and impact in order to provide contemporary expression with a far much stronger worldwide Voice,involving media,the new generation of modern masters,art gallery managers,art collectors and obviously the international art loving public. A wonderful project thanks to a new outlook of life,basic meaning perception and the Spiritual Light as the latest and most reliable supreme energy and human belief generator. Viewing and observing Spiritual Light,one thereby witnesses that what makes this charming painting worth being exhibited to the world's art lovers and the sensitive educated art collectors judgement and opinion,is its eclectic identity regardless the original competency and unique quality stamp of the masterpiece. However,Pessoa's multiple influences on this particular canvas development,may take us directly to recall Wassily Kandinsky,not only for its colors and abstract iconographic metamorphosis but also concerning the global conception of the whole artwork,where sensorial magnificence,inventive richness and emotional eclipses are exposed with the highest precision and clarity,plus with the spiritual lyricism of linear forms and of course the inevitable figurative-abstract art expression interesting opposite visual forces. As for Jackson Pollock,that's something else indeed,as far as Antonio Pessoa's latest oeuvre is concerned.The unmistakable influence of the controversial american painter is well illustrated not only in Spiritual Light,but actually in most of the artist's artworks from 2006 up to now. Maybe it's just a necessary period of experiments,maybe unwrapping Pollock's magical box in order to solve the mystery and in so doing creating a wisely updated version of his style mixing it with other plastic formulas bound to get the required togetherness whole combination,which in fact has always been somehow one of Antonio Pessoa's traditional methods plus one of his most honorable manners to pay tributes to his favorite renowned Great Masters,consequently even sometimes surpassing them excelling in such a daring performance not only as an artist but also inevitably as a notable art historian. The general idea after all,gives us enough accurate perspective and solid ground to assume that Spiritual Light,much more than another excellent painting among the huge Antonio Pessoa's private Art Collection,is a rather sufficient evidence of the current global emotional and positive thinking climate changes within the artist inner atmosphere,and inevitably in his lifestyle,social life,professional status,art career and most importantly in his personal well-being generating a stronger art expression impact and empathic communication skills. Getting rid,step by step,and finally once and for all of the old patterned prototypical misguiding concepts,the artists breaks out of the stereotyped shell and in a wink of an eye he wakes up to a new sunny journey of imaginative individuality,gracefully protected by the rewarding Divine density of Spiritual Light bound to self-perfection. This essential advice has given Antonio Pessoa the keyanswers to achieve brilliant awareness and brightness,the highest level towards creative quality art and living transcendance. Embracing the enlighted living,not only the artist is by now discovering latent abilities but also higher standards of emotional interaction introducing him to a surprising legitimate artistic authority which,as it is,contains the timelessness vital space where art expression and effective communication performance are at last able to find all the tools to accomplish total freedom,happiness and very probably on very short- terms the justifiable pertinent possibility to finally achieve Nirvana!