Antonio Pessoa
                       Soul Fire

There is an old saying that we can accomplish a lot if we "set our mind to it"...that is very true,and it particularly makes a lot of sense if we take as best example,the inner consistency,conviction,talent,certainty,wisdom,kno wledge and attitude of contemporary artist Antonio Pessoa and his increasing power to create.Soul Fire! Years ago,breaking free of his old patterns,Pessoa grabs the attention of a wide audience,not only becoming a life guru,but what's really at stake and most importantly,coming up with an impressive cutting edge abstract(neo- surrealistic) series which visual effects succeed to take the viewer beyond pseudo-intelectual reason (or confusion)...straight high up into the universe of ultimate emotional ecstasy. Antonio Pessoa is much talked about nowadays but how many of us have really understood him,his message and his Oeuvre to put him once and for all in the reputable world of the Great Masters? Obviously many,however the future is just about to surprise us far beyond our expectations with a new exciting movie about the Masterpiece of a Genius,which script is inevitably in the complex but enthusiastic process of being written. An Art Expert,an artist or a Life Guru? That's the ultimate question concerning Pessoa's top priorities,as the world goes round and round and time eventually goes by. Knowing the artist as we know,even so,the secret and the mystery is ultimately for him to know and for all of us to find out.However,one thing is true,Antonio Pessoa and his unique capacity to relax,and in so doing just letting go,more than remarkable,is a well developed skill he uses and commands,a quality so intimate that even his willingness to share,oftentimes is not enough when it comes to when many fans and clients,friends and art collectors want to know and learn the trick behind the Great Master of Reality. Art expression,international language as it is and must be,knows its limits,the abstract message inevitably subjective,ambiguous as visual poetry. The whole deep truth about this mysterious and unique man,can only be felt through intuitive interpretation,even when effective communication and world wide web information about his Art and Life,concentrate the efforts in providing the public with as clear as possible reviews and news tips in order to let out in the open the big riddle of the artist's inner self and private life. One way or another,for the artist there is one unquestionable issue.Always! The time to magically open up is Now. Labelled as Soul Fire,energy,love,action and creativity,these are the elements involved in achieving abundance in Art and Life,while Pessoa,the Master of Wisdom trusts the universal time,the universal principles and laws and the perfect alignment to simply afford pleasurably work,live,enjoy anf letting go. Yes,Belief underlies the whole process.The belief that there are no other options but to know exactly how to accomplish whatever is on his mind,whatever is on his list,whatever is burning on his soul.An excellent equation,a brilliant combination. However,how it all comes about is still an awesome miracle to many. No Miracle,whatsoever.It's all about Soul Fire and inspired action. Antonio Pessoa's intuition tells him his thinking mind where to look next,what to do next,and what to paint next. It's a very exciting intuitive and personal issue-unquestionably a very exciting way of living - between the artist and his feelings.He trusts his feelings and feelings don't lie. More than Soul Fire,what's really at stake and what we are really talking about is the artist's reknown intuition and it sure works.Voilà! No problem can withstand the onslaught of persistent thought.That's the magical place where Antonio Pessoa's imagination meets reality.This impressive structure - the artist makes his starting point for whatever he is up to - that's after all his ultimate conclusion and awareness of being blessed with a super computer more powerful than any other computer on this planet.His Mind! An artist who lets nothing stand in the way of his Vision agreed. Pessoa hit a nerve with the masses.Is it because art collectors so desperately want more new-unique references they can buy and exhibit in their art collections?Or maybe the need goes much deeper.Maybe the whole Art Scene community want to understand whatever it is that is happening with the artist's exciting New Art and obviously with his rather mysterious private life and whereabouts...when after all that has been written it's easy to conclude that it's all a question of quality metaphysics and personal options. The latest Art and Life news speak about the artist's intensive self-actualization as one of the highest levels he has reached in the past eight years,which includes being independent of the worldwide Art Scene racing competition,which means being detached from creating Art and living a life ruled by fake principles,fashion,average tendencies and most importantly by a global definition of what's quality Art or not. And this is where another distinction needs to be made.The true facts is that Pessoa invariably believes that making Art with the purpose of wealth,fame and even power is ultimately a load of crap and absolutely out of question . In other words,on the other hand and in the meantime,Antonio Pessoa's Art and Life is meant for a higher spiritual purpose,where everything fits,and everything makes perfect sense,which is his substantial requirement for staying seriously and also professionally present in today's contemporary Art Scene,in the exciting process of a New Art Vision and a joyful inner life best spirit to go with. Dreaming big dreams,Antonio Pessoa lets his Soul Fire excite greater passions and make them align with a higher purpose.Simply what he loves to do. Incresingly honest and systematically capturing the essence of his inner self-versus- "reality",a particular area of priority interests,tastes,favorites,vocations,models and desires,lead him to a magnificent universe of today-here-right now world of abundance,images and sounds,ideas and unique concepts,being added to the map of his Art and Life as branching lines from the world within,expressed through Fine Art to the world out there. Having captured the Mind and Soul's keynotes and keywords of the ultimate guide which is self - consciousness and global awareness,beyond appearances and fake illusions,the artist has no more doubts that Art and Life can actually be programmed to expect real and virtual results and amazing outcomes,that only absolute command of destiny can provide and make possible. That's How,When and Where,all the linkage fit together as an endless universe of multiple striking possibilities all involved in creating a wonderful context - equation of Art and Living. Definitely,for the artist there's no other option but to go forward,share his ideas with others,follow his beliefs and be rewarded knowing that his fellow artists,friends and obviously himself,can easily carry the world before them. The Art Scene is irrelevant at this point of extreme freedom and healthy detachment. Day by day as he goes on ( despite obstacles,resistance,adversity and setbacks...),his life gains momentum,as his artistic inspiration deepens,as his reputation crystallizes,the public gains understanding and art collectors come to realize that Antonio Pessoa's Oeuvre is no random pile of colors,studio tricks or special effects,but a visual living description inspired by a new light,a new force,a solid confidence and a greater power each day. Pessoa makes absolutely clear,that Art and Life is the Mirror of the creative Mind,and all experiences in Art and Life are the result of positive predominant mental attitude. This is the fantastic beauty and power of the world within,a world Antonio Pessoa explores and expresses through contemporary Fine Art,always the best of everything he has to show and share with all of us from all over the planet.