Antonio Pessoa
   The Picasso's affair

Pablo Picasso portrait,oil on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 1999,a tribute to the great twentieth century's spanish master by the artist in the late nineties Romantic Period apotheosis,has survived in Pessoa's private collection throughout the years,one of the main reasons due to his high price,but not quite so... The hidden reasons concerning Pablo Picasso portrait high rating has been so far Antonio Pessoa's unwillingness to sell an excellent oeuvre representing one of the great masters he most admires. In the picture above,Vicente Fernandez Lago,Antonio Pessoa's friend,partmer,collaborator,manager and public relations in Spain and Latin America,stands side by side with the magnificent Pessoa's Pablo Picasso portrait,clearly happy and proud and expanding joy with a broad smile on his face,due to the fact that this summer Antonio Pessoa's Pablo Picasso portrait has indeed been hitting the big time,due to the unexpected countless offers from several top art collectors from all over Spain and also Germany. Crazy as it seems,despite all this rather tempting offers,the jubilant Mr.Fernandez Lago had to turn them all down,one by one,due to the fact that artist Antonio Pessoa simply doesn't seem to be yet quite prepared to say goodbye to one of his private collection's favorite masterpieces.Pablo Picasso portrait. Naturally as the ceaseless offers kept on coming,the painting's price kept on striving higher and higher toward the shinning pinnacle of ninety five thousand dollars! What do you know! Even so,despite the daily continuous pressure from Mr.Lagos,Antonio Pessoa was stubbornly determined to refuse the frantic maddening traffic jam of offers arriving everyday at Mr.Lagos office,either by fax,mail or phone calls. The reason for all this unexpected rushing race after Pessoa's Pablo Picasso portrait,as for the time being still remains quite an unsolved mystery,despite Mr.Lagos helpless efforts in order to actually find out the source of all this sudden summertime fever over one of Antonio Pessoa's Romantic Period private collection favorite masterpieces. Art news travel fast,so it seems,however as nothing can be done against the artist's last word,Pessoa's private collection remains intact just as it was eleven months ago when the artist decided to sell,for a very reasonable price so I've been told,also one of his favorite paintings,titled "Lovers Union",a mixed media on canvas from 1998,delivered to a french art collector who,lucky him,happens to be one of the artist's new friends in the glamorous parisien Jet Set circuit,le beau monde of the french capital city Antonio Pessoa simply adores. It's never enough to mention,Antonio Pessoa's outstanding art studio performance during the nineties and the first two years of the new Millennium,worldwide known as The Romantic Period. It's also quite obvious that Pessoa at a certain point of his feverish hard working studio odyssey,used Picasso as a model and a reference,not necessarily by adopting some of his art expression style but more accurately by leaning on Picasso's working method and discipline. During that time in which Antonio Pessoa could hardly get proper stimulus let alone inspiration from the social circle of local procrastinating and rather démodé artists, surrounded by a bunch of mediocre art dealers whom by fate,culture and circumstances, settled down in a local short vision and small range of art merchandise sort of entrenchment,Pablo Picasso working method comes up as the perfect paradigmatic support for Pessoa,in order to obtain a better focused labor system,the art action process taking the right course of intensiveness,invention and art production. This art action-oriented programming,maintained this powerful model named Picasso well linked with the talented emerging artist named Antonio Pessoa,providing him with a substantial positivism and unquestionably with a great amount of potential energy and motivation. Knowing these facts and once we actually become aware of the great contribution Picasso gave him during times of doubt and lack of references,it's at last understood the clear picture of Antonio Pessoa now and then creating a lasting remembrance with a tribute to the spanish master.Thereby this meaningful attachment between the artist and Pablo Picasso portrait,can be easily interpreted as a touching symbolic gesture of gratitude not only for the supply of psychological support but also as a sign of respect for one of the greatest creators ever!