Antonio Pessoa

Nothing is ever too much,nothing is ever too universal,nothing is ever too wonderful when it comes the time for any art lover to enter Antonio Pessoa's world of Perception,Art,Poetry and Awareness. As in the final countdown,his life has developed the wildest ride of a thrilling cyclone roller coaster,pleasure mixed with Blues,quickly become a firm creative power,one of those that turns you upside-down.If you don't know what it is like to really live on the edge,then take my good advice and start reading all you can about Antonio Pessoa,the most brilliant and thrilling adventure of today's contemporary art scene.Fact! All reviews and information about the artist are essentially a breathtaking unique biography,mixing chills with fun,mixing art with life itself. Danger,passion,intense emotions,blues and Opera,Comedy and Drama,are the face of one of the world's most spectacular cutting edge artists. PERCEPTION? Find the answer to this question and millions more,in this enjoyably dark,yet still very sensual and romantic lifestyle. Straight right up to the tension filled final of every of his artistic and real-life performances,when he will have you on the edge of your emotional box. Perception,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,is unquestionably a result of many years of studio art action experience,research and reflection,a brilliant colorful abstract painting where the viewer is face to face with images propagating amazing waves of colors,light and sound being pleasantly thrown to the eye and our senses right from the canvas surface. One of the most charming artworks of Pessoa's 2007 art collection,Perception has that special buzz of excitment,rapid vibration,motion and strong visual impact,yet it's soothing something projects almost a healing energy for mind,body and the eye,inspiring poetic sensations of pure organic fountains,plus that chromatic quality in the whole of its exuberant,abstract,sensuously radiant affinities of colors and symbols. Expressing a new vision and a totally new artistic vocabulary,Perception has that abstract expressionism unique lyrical style,nevertheless also clearly influenced by surrealism,conceptual art,yet never missing the futurism artistic design Pessoa is so fond of,thereby creating that linear decorative dynamic impact,plus a reaction leading to subjective and entirely free interpretation. Regardless of his increasing artistic skills and striking creativeness,Antonio Pessoa becomes more and more popular mainly for his unique lifestyle and his inner-self personal achievements,acquiring world-renown prestige and wide credibility,through the stimulating and rewarding process of how to unlock his full potential for striking artistic performance,personal success and a high quality professional level,becoming his international autograph,the significance of how his impressive fast self-improvement in all areas and attitudes has indeed accelerated his echoing reputation as a fully commited spiritual guide,expert,let alone his highly-respected artistic vision,inner and universal Perception. Paying tribute to him and in faithful recognition of his multiple achievements,close friends,collaborators,art critics,clients,art collectors and soul mates of the fine art trade,now frequently honor him with a natural awestruck approach and genuine admiration. Entering his studio,very often demanding his wise advice,show us clearly how so many people enjoy being in the realms of his glowing positive energy,happy,free,safe and at ease before his charismatic and charming manner in which Pessoa's ambiguous relation with life,people and the Universe,translates a highly advanced Perception,making obvious that living feeling alive is not a special gift or a way of going through life,but actually the only one. Perception,the dream of life creativeness as outcome of Antonio Pessoa's number one priority,it starts in the character of a solid experienced artist,reinforced through daily research in all areas with inspiring enthusiasm,attracting affection,love and respect among all his friends,collaborators and public in general. If indeed Pessoa is helplessly becoming a inevitable life coach,that's not what's at stake right now,for most importantly is the fact he is becoming one of the most inspiring art wizards of today's art scene. Antonio Pessoa's Perception creates clarity and eliminates doubt,invents a higher level of positive motivation,his confidence in himself and in his abilities grow,the artist actually sees what he can be! Often,the hardest thing about visioning is actually having the Perception of what we want to bring into existence can actually be accomplished. To really make it happen,and he sure does,Pessoa supersedes his own doubts and has a sense of certainty that what he wants can be accomplished. The artist on his vision has a faith in Perception that is greater than his fears and it's willing to open his mind to see beyond the confines of what he is facing today.Remarkable,indeed!