Antonio Pessoa

Helping the viewer where to look and what to look for,has been our stimulating creative activity,providing the public in general and very particularly art lovers,with accurate and interesting information related with Antonio Pessoa's life and oeuvre. A non-profite site or blog with detailed art reviews seems to be the least we can do for all of you who enjoy the privilege of having free access to the fascinating backstage area of on of the most unique artists of today's art scene. Our non-profit mission has proven to be fulfilling and rewarding beyond our expectations as it has reached the wonderful point of no return-total commitment. I must admit that we are becoming more and more excited about the idea of serving a wide community of art lovers by delivering on a regular and punctual basis consistent sensitive information,biographical articles and art reviews where you will find enough answers to satisfy your genuine curiosity demands,meanwhile in addition you will get explicit clearance from reliable sources,related to the artist's out and abouts. A very special salute to Mr.Vicente Lagos,Antonio Pessoa's patron and public relations,for his systematic moral and financial support since the year 2003,the person who had the remarkable capacity of seeing the whole picture and potential of the internet mass communication resources,providing us with a broad range of tools and possibilities in order to establish a always updated digital gallery and journal,an easy digest efficient information flow aiming at capturing the attention of the art lovers eclectic community. This online communication focused on constructing knowledge and thereby creating a strong sense of criticism,mood and atmosphere among art lovers from all over the world,has been so far a truly challenging and entertaining experience,which has turned our work into a continuous amusing connectedness with a wide- spreading of public and a whole new generation of eruditely open-minded,passionate net surfers. Helping them finding the truth about Pessoa's oeuvre,life and prolific explorations of the personal,artistic and methaphysical kind through an exciting online easy-to-do research,has been our main task,priority,a delightful and most enjoyable empirical odyssey up to now,something which has grown in faith and strengthened by incredible teamwork. We pride ourselves on our fun and stimulating challenges well focused on a project we sure hope it shall enlightens and entertains you with easy ways to keep in touch with an immensely creative,remarkably awesome,totally imaginative contemporary fine art phenomenon named Antonio Pessoa!