Antonio Pessoa
            Night Wits

Night Wits,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,is once again another sign of the artist's full determination to establish the first encounters with the subconscious Mind infinite possibilities related to the night shift ritual of being systematically provided with the inner- self super potencial revelations during sleep. The artist's straight forward determination,persistance,self-assurance and patience,play once again an important leading role in this fantastic odyssey across the infinite universe of the Mind available enlightenment power resources. Pessoa developes his growing ability to deal with the resistance overcoming process,fully determined to break on through to the other side and thereby start drawing upon the All-Knowledge infinite supply within the mysterious depths of the subconscious Mind. Delving into the mystery of the Heart and the depths of the subconscious,exploring the meaning of his true meaning in life,fine art and the genuine identity of his creative nature,has become Antonio Pessoa's main priority well reflected and so obviously expressed both in his private daily self-psychotherapy rituals and in his latest amazing and rather interesting artworks. Experiencing the first episodes of this inner metamorphosis,has been given the artist more than enough stimulus,motivation and enthusiasm to carry on digging down to the depths of the inner Mind Super Potential. Turning on the automatic mind explorer turbine,tune in the mind radio system and start surfing across the subconscious network universe,is the basic essentials A B C procedure number one before the rewarding celebration of finally enter the natural virtual subconscious encyclopedic labyrinth and consequently start decoding the secret keys into plain awareness,effortlessly recollecting vital knowledge information and,surprise,surprise,waking up in the morning with an impressive emotional intelligence extra power supply. The positive influence and the super-dynamic efficiency acquired through this inner-Mind wandering nightly exercise is the expected moment of personal achievement and glory,this inmensely intense pleasure of feeling the overwhelming sensation of having absolute control upon our life and destiny,plus a special structured creative enhancement through which the art action will turn out to be a veritable master fine art session astonishing performance. Sleep on it! Antonio Pessoa sleeps while NIGHT WITS play their tweaks and tricks. After fine-tuning the subconscious Mind engine the artist enters the Garden of Earthly Delight to pluck the flowers off the bush.That's the Mind's Twilight Zone,where the clock stops working and the new time zone is now a delicious concept of timelessness. The natural virtual Temple of Wisdom welcomes the artist for a wonder magical tour through the dimlit marble halls of the infinite castle of universal knowledge and cosmic awareness. Whispering angelic voices now echoing against his ears,surrounding him and gently delivering songs of wisdom,suddenly revealing answers and unspeakable confessions for complex doubts and incisive questions. The Light is shining at last,the hiding place is now a bright universe of stars in shining armour,the spiritual subconscious master essence activation introducing integral amazing overviews of global awareness,accelerating approaches to new models for universal understanding,awakening his inner power,supreme energy potential and high emotional intelligence. NIGHT WITS tell the artist "now you will be revealed the mystery of the inner Light and Fire that enables you to raise the vibrations within your body to attune with and become an instrument for your Soul,Life,Destiny and Art! Not quite a real masterpiece for Antonio Pessoa's quality standards,NIGHT WITS is however a charming painting and most importantly I believe it will be widely reconized as a puctual historic item of the artist's fascinating commitment to the Mind subconscious discovery let alone all the upcoming positive consequences and hopefully miraculous feedbacks this start from the scratch first serious experiences and daily systematic explorations are naturally and very,very probably leading to. Pessoa's reputation as an outstanding determined man obviously precedes him to the point of by now having grrabed our attention and genuine interest in what might and most certainly will be not only another remarkable personal achievement in the artist's life but on the whole the great contribution all this self- psychotherapy process surely will give on a short- term period to a contemporary fine art performance drastic quality evolution.