Antonio Pessoa
          Night Gospel

NIGHT GOSPEL,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa,2007,might be or turn out to be on a short- term or who knows maybe even on a long-term,a very,very important masterpiece of the artist's whole oeuvre. The fantastic very true special meaning of this painting evokes a nightly calling down the spirits of knowledge and wisdom from the subconscious mind,,from that intelligent,emotional,intuitive power station of plenty awareness,we all have within the hidden depth of our minds,although we just don't make much use of it most of the times or even never,indeed an unforgivable distraction or mistake,for the high price we therefore have to pay for the basical disrespect concerning this endless source of practical and philosophical accurate answers can and actually does make the difference between mediocre living and Life Supreme! Digesting NIGHT GOSPEL and what it actually involves,might turn out to be a great deal more complex and mysterious process than one would primarily assume,taking from the only natural idea that this particular painting is just another output among the large Antonio Pessoa's oeuvre. Not quite so,for all the given evidence and symptoms carefully and clearly point out enough areas where coincidence is not an option anymore,whatsoever,yet the strong probability that the artist is definitely getting seriously committed to a new phase of positive self- control,self-improvement, Mind-Body- lifestyle,attitude-outlook-perception synchronization,seems to be a much more valid,reliable and accurate overall conclusion. As in so many episodes of History,when the ultimate sense of urgency rings the bell and gathers enough will power substances to break through titanic solid cement barriers and immensely powerful faith to move mountains and cross ferocious ocean swells... Antonio Pessoa's NIGHT GOSPEL is bound to deliver a unmatched emotional intelligence,creative intuition optimization and acceleration,not only improving his artistic and living well-being quality but maybe most importantly turning out to become after all the most exclusive luxury personal investment anyone could eventually be desperately looking and hoping for. On the very,very overwhelming whole,NIGHT GOSPEL stands out as a unique masterpiece excelling in resistant symbolism,a basically abstract-oriented art expression representation of the subconscious Mind power phenomenon a pure science-based pursuit of the inner wisdom master secrets. NIGHT GOSPEL comes up as an historic self- hypnosis,psycho dynamic,mighty power of Mind Plus chronicle,generating a striking and exciting fluxus of revelations during sleep.A complete guide to effective thinking,high quality emotional intelligence performance and a successful lifestyle,fulfillment and happiness. After another day in life,another rewarding experience in the hyperconscious sparking reality zone,it's about time to call it a night,time to absorb the cosmic timelessness and enter the kingdom of stress-relieving nothingness. Beautiful in his emptiness the artist experiences the blessed nakedness,the perfect harmony of the vacuum,and after a few short minutes the dominant vocals of the NIGHT GOSPEL start whispering words of wisdom,multilingual,free and confidential,gently blowing the answers to his questions,a true life- transforming vital virtual ritual. Pessoa creates NIGHT GOSPEL in order to, after the great slowly fading out obliviousness,be able to be born again from the multicolored ashes,and in so doing the boomerang effect plays its role again,as the NIGHT GOSPEL celebration indigenous Masters of Universal Awareness come together for their own Creator's emotional rescue. So now,come,come,come together after midnight,all of you NIGHT GOSPEL Gurus,tonight come together and bring the Light,from the basic essentials steps up the spiral winding stairs to the highest level of total inner-peace and absolute awareness. Here is the place and the time is Now!Let the artist break on through to the other side and wake up in the day light ready to show the world how wonderful life is when Supreme Discernment has finally settled down in the resting faith of our hearts. Tonight NIGHT GOSPEL is celebrating new high- voltage vital energy transmission.Celebrate,pray and generate the Third Vision transplant,for tomorrow the top of the hill must be reached,the Summit where the landscapes of life must be the fidel reflection of the artist's gifts. Antonio Pessoa's Guardian Angel is after all himself,throughout this fascinating odyssey in which the first close encounters are slowly but clearly taking place,as the time sure seems to be rip for great Mind and emotional changes. Riveting inner new experiences coming up almost unexpectedly for the artist,now deliciously finding himself in a new ambitious mission,once again totally determined to solve a whole great deal of dilemmas once and for all. The priority desired effects is to delete all adverse reactions for good,therefore creating a wide receptive open field where fresh and surprising new conclusions shall dance freely in a wonderful gathering of enlightened Awareness! No fear,no anxiety,no doubts and no pain.No regrets,fake dreams,no cry,no thunder and rain.The Night Gospel's spirits,dressed up in fantasy or in fancy dinner party tuxedos are all up for the night shift conference gathering consulting and exchanging valuable enlightened information,coming up with amazing solid answers,positive thinking emotional transmittance,delivered hot as the bright morning good news instant messenger. Artist Antonio Pessoa sleeps tight,warm and protected throughout the night's seconds,minutes and hours,while the NIGHT GOSPEL logical,emotional,pragmatic experts move about up and down the stairs,exchanging valuable extra classified information,busy fast paced walking throughout the science fiction like corridors simultaneously to discover how many and how high quality wisdom treasures can be reached in the many specialized departments of the huge subconscious labyrinth. Men and women working in the E.I.S.,Emotional Intelligence Department,men and women working in the S.C.H.,Social Communication Hall,men and women working in the A.S.S.L.,Art Scene Solutions Laboratory,all of them doctors of the subconscious Twilight Zone providing the artist with well designed suggestions,solutions,tips,tricks and tweaks and sunny glittering bright conclusions. The NIGHT GOSPEL,the super Belief Generator analytical testing gigantic one thousand-storey Towerblock Cosmic Lab,manufacturing mentor written tutorials,explicit inner enlightenment coaching videos and recorded teleseminars through scientific research,experiments,well performed operations and well-calculated pecision-oriented procedures,in order to finally come up with the Morning Daily Discoveries Express,Antonio Pessoa's royal breakfast for a better present,a brighter future and fine art performance Supreme Divine! The power of a tiger hand in hand with the serene energy of an Angel turns out to be the perfect combination as the world shows its two faces,becoming more and more a cross between a racing jungle and a Planet where a new age of human understanding and peace-oriented communication is absolutely required. The NIGHT GOSPEL quality is focused on improving an infinite sense of self-control and furthermore a supreme psychological and intesively emotional control over life's circumstances.The nightly research should and shall bring every single day a higher degree of inner strength and significant increasing communication skills in order to solve every complex situation and every challenging obstacle with striking easy-to-do communication flow,infinite wisdom and solid knowledge. Improving productivity,social and artistic efficiency is a definite urgent issue,in which is absolutely required daily priority updates. So let the NIGHT GOSPEL Machine Orquestra play the ten hours symphony and let the award-winning artist get up everyday filled with a marvelous emotional intelligence composition,a stronger intuition,updated inspiration and the fine living Art Supreme! Calling the Master of the subconscious Universe power station,calling the expert spirits of Wisdom and absolute Knowledge. Calling the new revelations night magicians,bring the Power Supreme of absolute awareness,right timing know-how,the best of the miscellaneous eclectic hidden ultra positive resources. Bring the Sun in every morning and a new supply of magical effective togetherness! The World is here and we want it now,for the Show must go on,only this time under the spotlight of Divine Enlightenment in which we have been initiated by the hidden tradition of our inspired masters. Into the Light and into the Wonderland of secrets of emotional fire,the front page of Presence,the higher stage of creativity,the heavenly gift of cosmic intelligence and the flying wings of total awareness. NIGHT GOSPEL sings Getting Better all the Time,not just once in a while.NIGHT GOSPEL sings Here Comes the Sun,not the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.NIGHT GOSPEL sings We are the Champions of the World,We Won't get fooled Again and never "I Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking For". NIGHT GOSPEL sings and brings tons of New Bright Light every single sunny day! The body must be totally relaxed,preferably melted in a warm state of pleasurable nothingness,so Mind can enter the very same soft temperature absolute tensionless domain,consequently the high level of Universal Acceptance is finally accomplished now ready to allow the golden storehouse of the subconscious Mind open its doors and windows letting the concentrated source of unlimited awareness start reprogramming the Body-Mind system through a Cul de Sac molecular cable filling the whole living- perception with valuable key answers,keynotes,wisdom and sharp intuition meta tags,high knowledge solid references and in so doing providing an oceanic wave flow of powerful positive energy coming in,slowly but efficiently creating and enhancing a fulfilling ecosystem from which a new perspective of life takes off in the jet-plane of absolute control upon the real world,creativity, global discernment and cosmic cognition. Antonio Pessoa during the making of NIGHT GOSPEL was fully aware of all this wonderful fulfilling process,actually an easy-to-do prophecy and more than predicting,absolutely convinced that this awesome method had indeed the whole potential to make it possible for him to achieve an incredible high level of emotional intelligence combustion.