Antonio Pessoa
      New Solutions

New Solutions,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,apparently a chromaticity celebration,a brave new world for the eye view,brilliant,joyous like a birthday cake,apparently a warm display of colors wavelengths,a broad range carnival of intuitive related shapes,circles and emotional motion spectrums,ski jumping on top of the canvas space,apparently a glaring vivid and graphic sensationalism spitting lurid contortionist details,ejecting substances like a Hollywood motion pictures earthquake,releasing seismic waves of shocking colors with no particular focus or hypocenter. Apparently a friendly web of happy combinations flowing and interconnecting like beaded bra straps,a dizzying visual whirling revolution,sprinting backwards,onwards and upwards,through the ruins of a wonderland of desconstruction,like a networking impact of exuberant misconceptions,bioplastics and beyond,icecream notions,obfuscation,cool recycling,windpower,climate changes,fuel cells,just plain crazy moods,plastic crosswords puzzle,miscellaneous conversions,polychromic radiations,awesome undefined features,apparently a mixed media Circus of pop stylings,suspension performances and Divine Madness! Entering Antonio Pessoa's Home Studio,one immediately feels the urgency to recover from the outside world and pass through into another dimension of timeless time,universal perception,glam lifestyle and even outstanding decoration. A large collection of canvases hanging on the labyrinthic corridors web walls.The silent bystanders remain quiet and silent as part of the musical whispering sound of silence softly playing in the almost romantic medieval interior design. It seems as if though I am the only genuine curious spectator as I take a seat in front of the recent masterpiece titled New Solutions. Not many explanations required as far as I'm concerned,me,an humble expert on Pessoa's oeuvre to get the instant message and feel of the whole artwork. The almost non participant artist moves about gently providing me with some,well,classified information concerning his private life and sensorial latest discoveries and achievements.Valuable tips to helpme to make out the deep meaning of the painting and therefore to be able to actually come up with a quite reasonable objective understanding. Did I say Objective? Well,yes,in a manner of speaking... NEW SOLUTIONS involves as much mystery and philosophical depth aspiring to a neo surrealistic level of argumentative sophistication,as a novel,reflecting and offering a riveting plot,flowing plastic prose and visual poetry,intense although serene conflicts and cinematic surprise happy ending.Just a considerable whole amount of conceptual braincrunching the viewer has to go through in order to read and consequently interpret. The artistic power with which Pessoa reveals his emotional temperament,conclusions,plus all methaphysics manifesting introductory impressive questions,and raising thrilling doubts in terms of groundbreaking and provocative cinematography,has forced the artist to urgently solve the puzzle and thereby come up once again with his scoring self-interview capacity and gift waking up all of a sudden with the infinite awareness,great clarity grace...and New Solutions. NEW SOLUTIONS is after all Antonio Pessoa starting from the scratch after a summertime season of relaxed meditation and systematic reflexion,now borning again from the ashes like Phoenix,an astronaut returning to the Moon and then taking aim at Mars,which might as well be Berlin,Basel,New York City,Madrid,Chicago,Paris or even maybe,just maybe,when nothing seems to matter much anymore concerning his art career,but to be safe and sound in the cool winter of Marbella or in his favorite studio in San Antonio,Ibiza. After a calm lengthy intent consideration,a likeness in which left and right are reversed,a careful consideration over so many beams and rays,it's only natural that the wonderful phenomenon of a propagating wave of light and discernment has once again been thrown back from the inner subconsciousness to the sharp awareness of a wide open window overlooking a New Solutions field. No wonder Antonio Pessoa's contemporary fine art has become more and more a very accurate mirror of the world surrounding us,where new solutions are after all the holistic approach breaking down the barriers between strategic thinking,creative thinking and the desire for a better and far brighter future. Antonio Pessoa writes the A B C of quality living,with the heartfelt honesty of a gentle giant of fine art,,who knows,maybe as a New Century preface,at the request of his own humanitarian beliefs. The modern master after seeking new solutions has indeed found new steps towards the highest level of creative insight plus the expertise of meaningful living,completing his eclectic capabilities also by delivering a New Planet of contemporary fine art New Solutions. Coming out of the closet for a brave new world of artistic innovations not necessarily as a new solution but as Antonio Pessoa's worldwide known tradition.