Antonio Pessoa
          The New Era

Picture yourself in a brand-new dimension of Art expression and next thing you know you are experiencing a new sensation of freedom and the feeling that after all contemporary Art remains alive to an extent far beyond what you probably might have been expecting. Picture yourself getting rid of the same old art concepts even the so called contemporary,for all that matters,and therefore entering a new universe of world wide communication where you can be involved as a viewer,as a critic and even as an artist. You may wonder how come is that possible? Simply because Antonio Pessoa is indeed a whole lot more than just the average artist,he is a genuine born to be a communicator,relating Art directly to people right in the act as a power of nature led by a natural mission wich opens the doors and through Art discloses directly the hidden secrets of life,love,energy,positive thinking and more than contemporary Art a new perspective of contemporary attitude. The NEW ERA is atributed to Antonio Pessoa just as cubism to Picasso.The studio wizard is back online like Phoenix from the ashes. No more heroes required,Antonio Pessoa is just a man not a God,nevertheless his macro energy,talent,heart and soul,turn out to be the perfect combination right at the start of the new century. A NEW ERA of Art expression is born and long live modern Art with Antonio Pessoa's contribution and his voluntary act of giving in common with others for the common purpose of contemporary Art enhancement developmental endeavour. There's no doubt that Antonio Pessoa's New Era is here to stay.It's well known that the artist's tradition and reputation translates a solid as a rock reliability wich keeps on providing us with the undeniable reassurance that once he commits himself to a specific convincing belief he hardly is ever going to give it up or give in. And that's about as far as we need to go. So Art lovers , all you have to do is let your emotions flow as Antonio Pessoa's New Era artworks keep on coming,showing us the Art side of reality,with the impact touch wich only he knows how to handle with the unmistakable skillfulness of his exceptional creative ability,dazzling unusual and unique,the model of contemporary Art communication at his very best apotheosis level of invention and high quality. The general anatomy of Antonio Pessoa's New Era artworks is of total abstract meteoritical symbols,a babylonian of colors and shapes macroevolution leading us to amazing suggestions of how our feelings and emotions can actually drift away for a long voyage a waggish day dreaming experience that only Art has made possible up to now. If ever there is any particular message behind the cosmogenical surface of the New Era's artworks,very likely is for the artist to know and for us to find out.That's indeed the stimulating thrill of writing Art with underlines.Despite this artistic classified information,undoubtedly kept in secret on purpose,communication is flowing out in the open more than enough or at least just enough to keep the viewer in the privileged state of fascinating discovery. A friend of mine roughly one year ago came up with a quite interesting quotation.He said " Writing about Art is the same as painting about Music ". That kept me wondering for a few days,fortunately I gave it a second thought and there I was concluding that maybe painting while writing about Art was probably the next option to take. One way or another,fact is that on the whole I've always been more concerned about Antonio Pessoa's life,the artist and the man,than specifically,shall we say,preoccupied about going on prattling putting down in words what is visually so much enough obvious as mysterious.And that's definitely the wonderful thrill of contemplating visual arts. So therefore as far as Antonio Pessoa's New Era is concerned I see myself rather playing the role of the biographer than just the art critic very often obsessively displaying titanic literary criticism oriented pages in the time wasting struggle of searching for square definitions related to something such as Art where obviously rigidly accurate analytical sequences have absolutely nothing to do with what's at stake. Antonio Pessoa's New Era can easily manage to survive without the need of long speeches about the issue.On the other hand Antonio Pessoa's life and work has got indeed much more than enough amazing and truly interesting real time,direct action,real life,living Art content as to actually provide adequate ground to be put down in words. Art interpretation concept therefore makes the artist's biographical zone if not compulsory , at least worthy of acceptance in order to digest a far more clear understanding of what it's all about. Specifically what particularly concerns Antonio Pessoa's New Era,now here we have a true stimulating and complex challenge to face,to take and definitely to enjoy. Standing before the idea of this new project of Antonio Pessoa,is just about enough to give us the breathtaking hope that indeed something unexpectedly new in the contemporary Art scene is about to happen.Fact is it already did. So let the child grow,make it asap Antonio,for all of us who have been following your career so far,we all believe it's going to turn out to be one more time into an action art performance wich certainly is going to keep us together more than ever focusing our attention span into your Art vision today. Art lovers and Art collectors sure need something fresh and new to lean on and that's where Antonio Pessoa's New Era comes in,full of color and grace,gentle and sentimental,elegantly glamourous and powerfully avant-gardish wich now that we come to think of it verdict is that it turns out to be a formula far beyond the so called contemporary fashion average,straight towards the perfect combination of what progressive neo-futurism indeed should be. A true Art studio veteran coming back live and alive dressed up as a talented gifted absolute beginner,much more than a daring act of courage,is hereupon the herald shouting the arrival of the new century's mirror,the magical mirror wich only Art can provide,wich only Art can afford just by translating the contradictory elements of nature into the compact beauty wich only Art can accomplish. Art lovers and Art collectors,make room and make way,let us all allow Antonio Pessoa's New Era to become what it's meant to be.A brave new world of communication,intention,sensation,emotion,inventio n and expression. Submiting a new concept to the world has always been a risky process,a labyrinth of options and alternative B plans,pertaining to unconventional choices between mutually exclusive possibilities.Once the petrification of the same old formulas becomes totally out of question,then there's no way back whatsoever and the two options left are either suicide or glory.And that's as romantic as I can afford to be when sharing and facing the artist's dilemma of to be real or not to be. The Art magician one day wakes up just to find out and so honestly admit to himself that despite his multiple tricks somehow still manage to keep the audience in a suspense breathtaking nail- biting tension,fact is that suddenly his tricks don't mean anything to him anymore. And that sometimes can actually be the very beginning of a new period,if there's still the burning fire in the artist's heart and soul. Antonio Pessoa's New Era is the perfect example of a heart and soul,where dancing flames seem to flip-flop and fly through clouds and clouds of multicolored smoke and as when there is smoke there is fire,there is an artist who has just made up his mind determined to make sure the show must go on and this time now more eager than ever to step on the stage and turn the audience into an orgasmic crowd. Better said than done,some might claim,although while in so doing,very likely the artist is already at work and while some skepticals bystanders doubt it,very probably Antonio Pessoa's New Era might as well be by then taking off,flying and landing at the airport of recognition to receive the open arms welcome of the erudite ones who have the privilege of understanding an artistic phenomenon when they see one.