Antonio Pessoa
      Mind Explorer

MIND EXPLORER,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,comes up basically at the very same time as the artist once again decides to turn his whole life into a wonderful Masterpiece. Pessoa keeps on surprising us all with his brilliant unexpected resources,always as an immediate response to firefight the art scene wildfire plus the hurricane changes of life's natural unpredictable aspects,reacting wisely and punctually to the systematic rain of daily new circumstances,dilemmas and decision taking scenarios aiming for the steady high-efficient capacity to know with amazing high-precision what is the right thing to do,at the right place,at the right time. Antonio Pessoa's reknown remarkable mind content knowledge for practical,intuitive and philosophical reasoning,provides him with a solid cognitive ability to absolutely enjoy the privilege of depending upon his own high quality critical thinking permiting him a fast introduction,automated inner Mind - inner Self inspection and consequently a skillful almost effortless self-improvement once this repeatable reasoning process is on and going running at silent supersonic speed,thereby generating a well advanced preferences,answers and bright solutions logical- emotional tracking subsequently summarizing the gigantic complex whole mitigating it to a digestible compositional model and methodology,an easy-to-use toolbar for great decision quality optimization. MIND EXPLORER,a faithful product of the latest sequence of contemporary art expression reflecting healthy and positive ideals,a seties of charming paintings after all an interesting and hopefully historic biographical profile of the artist's persistent emotional intelligence experiments and serious Mind explorations,shows us and makes us witness a daring,appealing self- guided adventure in the fascinating deep and wide idealof global perception,a friendly art expressed clearly suggesting a new twist and most importantly a multi dimensional performance in the Mind-Body machine interaction. It's quite obvious by now Pessoa's serious approach to the inner Mind language and infinite powerful resources,let alone the art action in motion publishing on canvas one of the most original art collections and genuine reports of the artist's intimate nature,feelings and viewing so far as a matter of fact. Pessoa's latest explorations in the realm of Mind have been unquestionably providing him with a well driven biofeedback potential,amazing public,art lovers and gallerists with this colorful,abstract and contemporary avant-gardish cognitive neuroscience artistic new look. Antonio Pessoa beams us all up with his Mind spaceflights he so skillfully can turn into lovely lively art expression delicious visual games and color motion projection curated by excellent taste,style,ongoing research and at last presenting us fascinating new windows into our outlook of contemporary fine art. Elegible enough the solid determination focused on a straightforward pursuit after the inner secrets of the Mind and its subsequent rewarding feedback,the big thrill is undoubtedly the already current speculation over the fair enough topic question of how long is the artist going to keep steady on the Mind exploration track and therefore how long is this charming and original art collection going to follow this very same aesthetic line proposed by the artist's ongoing integral methodologies in the development of the Mind's visual design and its effective high-performance both in his personal,social,professional life and naturally in his art productions. Despite Pessoa's undeniable commitment to this highlyrecommended issue,the present method for generating sharp inner Mind perception,awakening spontaneously new formulas of visual arts delights...the unpredictable long-term fluctuations are intrinsically a potential threat to this wonderful period the artist is going through. Times they are a-changing and surely Antonio Pessoa isn't immune to this unavoidable everlasting worldwide universal phenomenon,nevertheless the carrying signs of a serious affair with the discovery of the Truth through this effective emotional intelligence developing process,seem to me to be already a firnly established no surrender,no retreat,no turning back consistent enough motivation for all of us to believe in the growing intensiveness of this human creative potential already giving birth to Antonio Pessoa'as most happy,friendly,cool and interesting artworks series up to now,plus the evidence already suggesting with deserved credibility the artist's Mind discovery mainstream personal riveting achievements and rewards. MIND EXPLORER,definitely an impressive title for an easy digest abstract contemporary painting,might however turn out to become a historic symbol,for the powerful inspiration root behind the canvas space,moreover for its solid predictive value related to the artist's coming up times. One way or another,one day or another,but most important of all Antonio Pessoa makes sure the Show must go on,dressed up with a surprising brand-new transparent honesty as an artist and a stainless law-abiding citizen of the world,let alone his daily updated human values,a great combination indeed,a great symbolic period establishing a significant irreconcilable difference between the past and today's vibrating artistic and human higher standards. On the whole,MIND EXPLORER reports a magical Mind incorporated analytical search engine generating and endless display of revealing motion pictures where the metaphysical meanings dance away to the sound of silence with global awareness,expanding wisdom content,flowing,growing and incredibly high reaching the so expected point where everything makes perfect sense...even in a racing world where divine madness seems to be taking over. When Pessoa paints a canvas such as MIND EXPLORER,he knows what he is talking about,now it's really up to you to render an accurate interpretation through a natural effortless diagnosis simply relying on cognition,intuition or even processing curiosity in order to fully understand the fine art original message,soul and beyond. Most importantly,MIND EXPLORER should and actually can be after all a highly advanced daily ritual and a lifetime positive experience for all of us!