Antonio Pessoa
                               Living Joy

Another dimension of life and perception,a twilight zone of universal peace,inner enlightment and cosmic understanding allows artist Antonio Pessoa to face personal and professional life from a very special perspective,swimming with the wave of interior freedom and self-transcendance,an experience which marks his whole present life and thought,this wonderful emptiness is the dance and the soul of his spiritual development,a magical practice aiming the total equilibrium and the ecstasy of true peace and happiness. In a world globally motivated by money,status and competitiveness,Antonio Pessoa gets a good supply of inner peace and solid structure by the usage of the traditional methods of relaxation,meditation and self- improvement,transforming hard constraints into easy stress relief,body and mind recovering from the everyday art scene rush and thereby providing him with a range of positive states of mind and substantial energy potential in order to reduce,even entirely delete pressure and consequently perform more effectively in his personal,social and professional life. This inner life gift acceptance brings Antonio Pessoa the living joy he's so fond of.Regardless the fact this heavenly state of mind and body download might be a slow process,the happiness and lasting satisfaction upload turns out to be the ultimately rewarding experience,the aspect of spiritual perfection becoming more and more tempting and an increasing pleasurable ritual,as the material world values relevance fade out and away,as the Universe becomes our global perception,so does eternity,peace,love,understanding,acceptance and happiness. What is happening is indeed quite easy to explain.Antonio Pessoa,as always,takes the road of his deepest beliefs and consequently the wise option of maintaining his inner peace and equilibrium as the most important task and achievement in his life,over artistic career ambitions and goals,finantial status,public recognition,press coverage,worldwide reputation and so on. Pessoa's existence optimization succeeds assessing the quality approximation of a junction point of emotional freedom,peace and togetherness,where anything related to greed,struggle,fear,anxiety,let alone career ambition and competitiveness stress,is absolutely dismissed. This self-improving development for higher knowledge,universal wisdom and cosmic awareness well-being is for Antonio Pessoa,man and artist,the best and most important,even urgent qualification over everything else,including his artistic career,naturally.