Antonio Pessoa

As we all know,life sometimes can be very stimulating and rewarding,although unexpected changes and unpredictable surprises may sometimes turn everything upside down in such a frantic manner that next thing you know one might as well start having the strange sensation of being living in another life. That actually happens quite often,despite our daily efforts to organize our routine and shape it into a life style model we've been dreaming of for quite a long time.fair enough. Nevertheless destiny or fate have a weird way to continuously show us we should be always ready to be born again in a new dimension of perception,emotions and philosophy. And that's what happened with Antonio Pessoa,a far too long display of adventures,relationships, art style changes,love affairs,a broken marriage,more last minute made up decisions leading too yet another frantic new adventures,falling down and stepping up again...and suddenly waking up in a new universe of wisdom,peace,emotional rescue and maturity responding to the circumstances in the appropriate manner of a wise artist,person and citizen,now acting more out of a learned intuition rather than the impulsive associations of a few years ago. Most important of all,amazing as it actually is,Pessoa somehow managed to keep his life style intact, maintaining his powerful strong beliefs in complete form and function,an entire integrity towards himself,art,friends,partners and life in general. Unquestionably we are indeed facing and witnessing a high quality inner motivation source,a sustaining inspiration definitely related to skills,talent,artistic performance,commitment and an absolute striking positive thinking and energy. In the contemporary fine art field it has been always genuinely spontaneous and heartfelt the way Antonio Pessoa managed to share and also promote his faith,heart and soul both with the worldwide public and with his fellow artists as well. This apparently basic overview of Pessoa's proven solid principles provides us with enough high ranking common-sense when it comes to accept once and for all this artist and art expert,as a unique and gifted excellent example of a true remarkable paradigmatic manifestation of a continuous urgency to turn daily routine into a supreme positive and productive lifestyle. I would say that maybe one of the secrets for Antonio Pessoa's lack of anxiety concerning his artistic career,lies on his general perspective of life,in his particular case a huge endless universe of possibilities,obviously in direct relation to his eclectic multifacetic skills,his high cultured,educated background,plus an outstanding hyperactive intuition and intelligence providing him with an impressive selection of options and several dimensions of identity ,life approach and striking performance. Antonio Pessoa's global cognitive and abstract relational functions allow him a continuous easy- going life leading just by sharp instinct and highly developed emotional intelligence. An IQ also playing a very important role in today's contemporary art scene as we all know by now. To assess Pessoa's relationship between art production-invention and his always glamourous,original lifestyle,we should be able and capable to actually examine a great deal of his stimulating and almost Hollywood-like biography,the most reliable form to bring enough discernment of the essential motivations of the artist and art expert,for,let's face it,indeed an artistic performance of Antonio Pessoa's caliber is definitely the blending of intelligent intuition and some hard work to go with,naturally. One of the great aspects of Pessoa's lifestyle is,from my personal perspective- a reliable view considering my already ten years as one of his closest collaborators and friends- actutually his tremendous capacity to disconnect from the pointless pursuit racing crowd and by choosing the withdrawal back to his unique spiritual universe,quickly recovering the vision of soul,matter and self,exploring new existences of thought,space and art expression,a gathering place for truth,creativity,self-improvement and usually the results of all this fascinating process come up as the art science necessarily starting with new propositions of true amazing contemporary communication,by dissecting and interpreting all the philosophical conclusions.Lovely! Antonio Pessoa as a contemporary art programming languages wizard,continuously researching areas related to pure fine art high performance,provides us simple,affordable and almost familiar contemporary art codes and references,the true colors of existence we all feel commited to and helplessly inclined to pleasantly absorb. No wonder Antonio Pessoa keeps on showing the world how wonderful is to create,make art to amuse,delight and give genuine enjoyment to his growing faithful public,followers,art lovers and art collectors. Pessoa,much more than an artist,art expert and art curator,is an art scene observer,watching the fascinating universal out and about of contemporary art opera with the scientific patience of a well absolute focused examiner's mind,gaining day after day,step by step the solid experience and updated information required in order to esteblish a self-trained ready for action know-how. Antonio Pessoa,reloaded with a new outlook of the international art stage,with a great help from his closest collaborators recruits young art critics at the same time that he is indeed entirely commited in the process of organizing an impressive list of contacts of some of the major art collectors worldwide. Great expectations for this young man and his team,plus a great luck and privilege for art galleries directors,curators,artists and art collectors to know they can count on the multifacetic skills of an artist who decided to become one of the most promising and reliable art experts of today's contemporary art scene. However,Pessoa's secret has nothing to do with magic.Actually just a more accurately measured announcement heralding a new performing attitude directly related with the rushing,growing,expanding today's worldwide contemporary art ring. Antonio Pessoa shows this genuine interest and spontaneous tendency,I would say and bet,out of a conscious urgency to fully understand the global art world atmosphere and therefore enjoy the deserved feeling of growing up and improve as an artist,as a mediator and most importantly as a responsible professional all the way,hungry for knowledge and updated information. This well planned and already performing project provides Pessoa with effective oversight,a vault of new ideas,thoughts,visions ans references,acquired art market leteracy and a rich delivering fluid of new solutions,a fresh new art scene guide,the new fundamental assessment tools for artists,curators,art gallery managers and of course,art collectors. The big challenge is aiready an on-going fact and in so doing new devices are already allowing Antonio Pessoa to communicate and share information faster and better than ever. Mr.Pessoa,we all surely shall be looking forward for more!