Antonio Pessoa
                       Life News

Belief is a fundamental emotion required for achieving anything in Life,including personal success.So,what's next? Breaking down what he wants to accomplish,into incremental actions,artist and Art Expert Antonio Pessoa,takes each day to get him and his worldwide collaborators team exactly just where they want to go. These are today's Pessoa's main Life News,where the Phoenix Effect is providing him with far more innovation,than talent,creativity or necessity combined. The artist's capacity to get back and start all over again from the scratch and to begin once again,now more intelligently,as new opportinities to make himself better,review and move- on,adopting new alternative plans (Ibiza?) new productive solutions ( well off and far away from the rat race) and fresh points of views(obviously including a one million dollars house overlooking the mediterranean sea in Santa Eulalia,Ibiza). Well,this eventually sounds like plain common sense,but like they say,Common Sense isn't Common! Today,Antonio Pessoa - Life News are quite exciting to say the least and go into aspects of great self-growth,impossible dreams the artist knows how to make come true,and the know-how to stay positive,on the road to more quality art,Life Supreme and personal victory. Ferociously persistent,the artist shows us systematically how to turn adversity into personal character,and personal character into a wonderful reality. While Pessoa takes his daily steps to overachieving in Art,Life and worldwide communication,the Art Expert understands and helps other artists and friends to achieve his dreams and visions,as he systematically observes the world art scene,purposefully out of the anxiety zone,however joining and sharing the on- going innovative perspectives and tendencies. Living and painting in different Home- Studios,mainly in sunny southern Europe,Antonio Pessoa goes from time to time back to Galicia,as if this corner of the world were still his cultural-social base,headquarters.It isn't anymore,however,an important place where he still is able to find relevant references within his circle of friends,art dealers and inevitably in art galleries and artists he admires and make them count in his wide universe of contacts and New Art. Useless to mention Jaime Trigo - Centro de Arte,where it seems only Alfonso Abelenda,Xavier Correa Corredoira and not much more wothwhile, and worth his focused observant art research,however,Galeria Arte Vilaseco (Coruña) surprises the artist with talented people such as Antón Lamazares Silva,who manages to explore simple subjects with basically simple colors,Tierra Siena compositions,pleasant to the eye and challenging the Plástica Gallega old fashioned patterns,way in into the future and innovative contemporary art. Following Antonio Pessoa's criteria,once again this time as the eloquent Art Expert and art critic he is,Galeria Ana Vilaseco,despite its mediocre selection of photography has succeeded to represent artists like Lucio Muñoz,Antonio Murado and the fascinating Leopoldo Nóvoa. The wise choices taken by Galeria Ana Vilaseco,by adopting these three quality reknown artists,actually helps to provide Antonio Pessoa with a new hopeful vision of the contemporary Plástica Gallega,which despite having been an important source of relevant references ten years ago,would have turned into an obsolete anti- progress culture,if it wasn't for art galleries with open eyes to the world,New Millennium art vision,such as Galeria Vilaseco,Coruña,another art space who helps to take Galicia and the so called Plástica Gallega into the dimension of the very best of today's contemporary art. Meantime,life goes on. One of Antonio Pessoa's fundamental principles,is the way he aproaches life with passion and intensity,thereby turbocharging the Universe to benefit him,his projects,Art and team ,in ways three years ago today they could never have imagined. Passion flames focused action,effective thought and inspired action bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical,inevitably bound for positive outcomes. Like a laser beam,the contemporary artist's focused action in all areas he is involved in,concentrates his activity and energy in personal ways,which in turn accelerates his increasing amazing results. Pessoa has experienced too many times this magical chemistry,to know too well that passion opens the floodgates of creative inspiration.He develops one amazing idea after another,by being virtually passionate and excited about everything he loves the most,as his mind becomes a creative force that cannot be stopped. Divine Madness! Antonio Pessoa is meant to live a life amd paint the Masterpieces that impacts the world he lives in and the public he loves and shares it with. Becoming a worldknown artist,art expert and the great communicator,he is definitely here to make a difference,to leave his mark in History. He has learned to see the best in people and see reality beyond appearences in Art.That's his purpose in life. At the foundation of any accomplished studio performance lies the artist's ability to manage himself.His authentic self - that unique blend of physical,emotional,mental,spiritual and creative attitudes - is the instrument he has been given to express himself and offer the art community the brilliance that is also is reputation. That's his voice through contemporary Visual Arts,a dynamic combination of qualities all join to create a signature presence and a compelling influence. Jazz musicians talk about it as "swing",an indefinable feel of being in touch with the flow and in Pessoa's particular uniqueness his true essence as a New Art Great Master and inevitably as a remarkable human being. Antonio Pessoa delivers visual delight,and his passionate,talented Oeuvre is a gift we should celebrate together,because it's fun,because it's visual Jazz,because it's live and every new artwork is a new opportunity for all of us to experience and enjoy and definitely to decorate our walls. Cutting through the Art Scene jungle and clear his path to the top,is definitely the less appealing and unimportant challenge for an artist who believes and knows a great whole lot about the universal power of the Law of Attraction. Following his passion,that's his simple target for a lifetime,focus on it and act with imagination and pleasurable momentum,day in day out,step by step,while taking the time to meditate and breath deeply,feel,play and live with absolute joy. Suffice to say that Antonio Pessoa is right now increasingly convinced that the Law of Attraction is a law of nature,as real as gravity and the ultimate science and Art of putting it to good use in his life,responds to his positive energy,creative moods and larger than life emotions,as life simply mirrors them back to him,in a sense,and inevitably,getting to that high level point when everything makes perfect sense. That's why his life is a growing wonderful experience and his Art performance keeps on coming up with inventions which are the real conceptions of the power behind them. That's what Antonio Pessoa's Masterpiece project is all about and most of his Contemporary Art latest series. Emotions without excess,exciting projects to look forward too,the secret and the wisdom of choosing his inner circle wisely,letting go for it is much easier and rewarding that way,making important decisions after seeking wise council,networking with the art community,going under inevitable pressure slow and gentle and easy as he knows that's the way he must go,expecting and embracing change as it brings unexpected fulfilling experiences one more time,living everyday to its full potential,looking inward for happiness and to share it with others,taking time to count his blessings. That's how Pessoa becomes an increasing magnet,reclaiming his power through the Universe,his invisible secret,the new contemporary classics,absolutely alive,every single day on his way to deliberate creation,closer and closer to Divine Perfection. In order to better understand the approach that Pessoa takes in creating artistic sustainable change and interchanges,we should actually start by following the references that drive him through studio performance - art action,and thereby master absolute contemporary art vision. Gifted artists,are extraordinary influences for Antonio Pessoa to turn his potential into a systematic surprising Oeuvre,in his detached however exciting journey to artistic greatness. Practicing other artists potential,not only a good and wise choice to promote them,but basically a noble way to develop successful formulas and concepts in all areas of today's contemporary Visual Arts. Some of these motivational materials can be found at Galerie Erhard Witzel,where artists such as Valentin Hauri,Birgit Luxenburger and Josef Schwaiger encourage Antonio Pessoa to continue on to where he deserves to go and what he desires to accomplish. Galerie Erhard Witzel,among its somewhat eclectic selection of Art,grabs Pessoa's interest and attention first with Valentin Hauri's artworks,where minemal simplicity,motion and interesting color contrasts turn out to be not only pleasant to the eye but essentially stimulating to the viewers senses. Birgit Luxenburger is another interesting reference in Galerie Erhard Witzel,presenting very elegant acrylics,eclectic in color,however with a unique style,soft New Art - not precisely impactful - but on the other hand providing us with a relaxing ambience where our interpretation feels free and ready to fly across the skies of our flowing imagination. Marina Herrmann,also represented by Erhard Witzel,is-or so it seems- Antonio Pessoa's favorite in this particular art gallery located in Wiesbaden,Germany. Each of her paintings offers us several options,elaborated with great command of pure technical contemporary Fine Art,a great selection of visual possibilities,with literacy enough to be considered one of the best among Pessoa's today's art scene favorites. Also represented by Galerie Erhard Witzel - originally from Linz - artist Josef Schwaiger,is another profile worth mention in the Must list of Antonio Pessoa's contemporary new talents. The Art Expert,uses other resources expertise to master the high level quality Art he produces,getting better all the time,throughout his fast paced instant studio performance,where there's always so much to create and oftentimes so little time to streamline all his ideas in a concise way,however beyond the obvious,beyond the information available and definitely beyond the art lovers community expectations while a hungry public and a curious anxious art collectors audience try to figure out what's coming next and most importantly what's Antonio Pessoa currently really up to. When Antonio Pessoa divided himself in several separate identities - the itsy-bitsy clusters of imagination energy,being "the multiple roles he plays as creative inner alter egos" and the great big cluster of supreme energy,being Art - those itsy-bitsy clusters of energy didn't mutate into anything less than they had always been:Little pieces of a supreme Masterpiece.His Life! What goes around comes around,and that's been the basic starting point for the artist to master his life and studio performance,just by understanding the self-sufficient nature of the Universe he lives in,(we all live in... ) and the laws and principles which make him to be the unique artist and great communicator he has become,the very essence of who he is,in any place,on any level,in any time. And that's how Pessoa's Oeuvre became as infinite as the consciousness he created.Definitely that's what reliable general opinion mean by the Perfect Order of Antonio Pessoa's Life and Art Universe. Increasingly extremely creative in all areas ,Antonio Pessoa's view of the beautiful and boundless Universe of exciting and new possibilities,amazes friends,co- workers,biographers,art collectors and public at the options,insights and opportunities that are manifested while new ideas are brought to nourish the best Art being made in today's art scene. Pessoa settles down in the safe and positive place for him and his dreams. This place can be anywhere,wherever the artist decides to set the stage for his Home Studio for a certain period of time,Vigo,Ibiza,Manhattan,Barcelona...the art studio is always his daily hang out where he can strech his wings and fly,exploring his full potential and give life a new meaning,give life to those desires ready for inspired action,ready for the worldwide communication,reporting to the art lovers community the celebration of Art and Life,now an enthusiastic network to coutless contacts all over the world,all of them sharing with great joy the artist's cutting edge model and connecting with the New Age wonders. I can't stress enough the importance of Pessoa's true purpose in life.That special one- Lifestyle that fires his soul and passions.And Voilà! The next thing we know,we are meeting with a man and an artist who is indeed experiencing a total life transformation,by taking the only direction that guarantees him meeting with The Big Dream. The ultimate satisfaction. Living Life to its fullest potential and be a contemporary art enlightened communicator. Now you may ask.Is this a new fiction story?Is this a real magic performance?Or is this Antonio Pessoa's experiencing and enjoying all the wonderful features,filling to the full,the fulfillment of his precious and exciting life? Well,that's a whole lot more like it. Absolutely correct in the current context of the artist's physical and spiritual dimensions. The visibility is real and not an illusion.Pessoa's Life News reports that what's really happening is truly the space ( art studio ) the place of all multiple innovative possibilities within the realm of the artist's latest self-growth intensive experiences,a process in which he has decided it's up to him to further discover,uncover,and recover Life Supreme to its fullest potential,by continuously searching and researching with the rock-solid purpose to gather a body of knowledge,perception,intuition,,and to share with others this scientific consciousness capable of influencing Art to its highest level of quality and expression,a worldwide performance which more than original,natural,highly creative and interactive,an amazing gift available instantly and immediately to the wide world art lovers community. Predominantly,this has been,is,and shall be Antonio Pessoa's way. This has been the ultimate process when the artist skillfully changed the term "impossible" to "infinitely Possible", while he has inevitably become the ultimate cutting edge Art Maker,who is alive and living a life as lively as liveliness,in his own Universe that is installed with abundance,affluence,luxury,imagination,creative productivity and communication fruitfulness.