Antonio Pessoa

Something like the "Pinball Wizard" song,performed by the english band The Who,however not quite so,fine art wizard Antonio Pessoa comes up with Intuition,acrylic on canvas,2007,expressing a perspective of what talent in real life is all about. When a lukewarm action leading role isn't definitely an option in the world we live in,whatsoever,particularly if one is facing overwhelming challenges plus a continuous and peculiar on-going urgent demands from art dealers and art collecters,moreover with no immediate alternative to,shall we say,reduce daily-weekly professional priorities...Intuition at its highest top level comes up as an absolutely required science.Fact. Always literally punctual and wisely convenient about his latest artworks as a systematic direct reaction method in which is extremely skillfully and witty published under art expression articles,a positive attitude and a very well situated response towards smiling happy or earthquake-prone circumstances plus unexpected heart trembling feedbacks,Pessoa's special sharp interpretation of the global time frame allows him to use contemporary art as a reliable reflector of his well focused observing opinion,emotional waves and general perception.That's what art nowadays is all about...or must I least it should be. So,once again,everything seems to make perfect sense concerning the artist's truthful grown-up posture which is a breath of fresh air in today's overstocked propaganda-oriented racing emerging academic artists miscellaneous ways to cash off any local art scene,the best way they know how. Antonio Pessoa's personal success reports a substantial cool as cool can be sort of wholesome contemplative profile connected to the world by playing juggling balls with faqs and answers,playing by the rules but most importantly playing by Intuition. Personal News travel fast,therefore Pessoa is the first one to become aware that the most reliable source to come up with an accurate statistical measurement of his own Intuition amperage,is actually himself. So no wonder we are now able to have the visual and emotional privilege of here and now stand before a charming painting titled Intuition. Antonio Pessoa's 2007 artworks definitely show us a man,an artist going through an exciting and prodigious period of self-discovery,Mind research and emotional improvement. This instinctive knowing without the use of special resoning processes,still a rare gift possessed by only a few,is well explicit in this artwork on canvas,apart from its abstract quality the concept's fingerprints are all over the art space,a mirror reflecting and reporting this fascinating inner guidance tool,Pessoa and his higher self sharing with all of us his field of new found information beyond the bounds of space and time and consequently getting back to the heart of the public as he moves out of static coherence in order to increase the unfoldment of Intuition. Anyway,Intuition,the painting and all its meaningful symbolic abstract neo-surrealistic content is after all a part of Antonio Pessoa's current concept named FREE. This reference identified and directly related to the artist's contemporary art expression evolution,which is by itself the communicating mirror of great inner personal achievements,a unique experience profile conducting his qualities and skills towards such a magnificent supreme level of steadfast self- improvement,right now still too premature to predict the extent of this challenging mission and the outcome general effects of this daring remarkable emotional attitude plus odyssey. As for right now,that's the big thrill and the spicy mystery,for not even Pessoa is able to actually realize beforehand just how long it's going to take for him to accomplish a reasonable high degree of this fascinating dream,nor is he still able to foresee the depth level at stake let alone the probable wonderful possibilities,fulfilling and rewarding consequences of all this self-psychotherapy chemistry. The general perspective is obviously excellent and on the whole and most importantly,sure thing Antonio Pessoa's Intuition is bound to lead him safe and sound to the sunny place he profoundly feels and deeply believes he belongs to.Freedom! However...hold your horses,Ladies and Gentlemen,not quite so fast.Great goals take time to accomplish and overcoming life's adversities one by one takes a great deal of energy accompanied with a whole lot of patience and resistance. As the artist practises self-control he approximates more and more to this magical inward kingdom,and is less and less swayed by passion and grief,pleasure and pain, and lives a steadfast and virtuous life,manifesting manly strength and fortitude,in art performance,personal life,professional commitments and public communication. Freedom bound,Pessoa's determination keeps looking forward to the coming up soon Free at last happy ending. In the meantime,positive artistic suggestions such as Intuition,in art expression and real life timing,are always mostly welcome,both for the public's eyes delight and the artist's Conquest of his personal Glory. Just a short simple word.FREE! However what's at stake is a lengthwise dimension wonderful something,mysterious but bright,unpredictable but rock-steady. Just like Antonio Pessoa's fine art performances,art scene disappearances and Symphonic Orquestra soundtracked public comebacks.