Antonio Pessoa

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breath away. The artist's systematic visualization of a new- innovative contemporary communication outflow,is unquestionably the Heartbeat's heart and soul. Previously designing this worldwide-oriented concept,inspiring an entirely revolutionary and powerfully positive attitude towards the on-going art scene,Antonio Pessoa,once again,shows up as the perfect reflexion of his reputation,by suggesting with contagious determination and enthusiasm,a brand-New Age of art-public intercommunication,aiming at empowering the mutual relationship precisely between art,artists,gallery owners,art scene in general and the gigantic community of art lovers,art collectors,media,worldwide public. What else could actually be more exciting and new than this pro-life,pro-art,pro-future and pro- global communication striking futuristic concept,a truly innovative approach for even greater dynamic flexibility directly concerning this art-public interactive universal togetherness? Here we go again,so let's propose a toast to the Heartbeat's larger-than-life divine inspiration,heroic epic Project visualising a New Era of intimate closeness between art and public! Limitless possibilities,now that everything seems to come so easily,the artist's secret to living successfully,feeling and acting by the passionate rhythm of his heartbeat. The mindset two by two dance "get-to-it- iveness" and "stick-to-it-iveness",creates the larger than life action super positive mood,all he actually needs to move him towards entrepreneurial artistic freedom,and in so doing his blazing desire for daily creativity keeps on accumulating new concepts and inspiration flow for future awesome oeuvre. A New Year is upon him,and once again the almost industrial stimulating studio art production is in full swing,pestering the artist to slim down,starting a brand-New Era,a better phenomenon and inspiring star. Antonio Pessoa didn't just get lucky but instead was proactive within his life as opposed to simply reacting to things as they occur. How does that work? Positive Hearbeat leads to positive feelings,these feelings lead to fantastic emotions,this striking super emotional flux promote amazing inspiration,finally this magical inspiration creates supreme lifestyle and artistic outcomes! Antonio Pessoa's amazing capacity to make art public show up to express flat-out unbarred flipped out excitement,throughout the past recent years got him in a very happy spotlight,identifying him as an important symbol among contemporary top artists. His Heartbeat seems to be the key component of intentionally causing his wild happy attitude to naturally bring smashing results into everyone's life. I cannot stress this point enough! Almost telepathically communicated to the worldwide art lovers community,expressing through art awe and wonder,he is increasingly bound to systematically experience this enthusiastic public effect on his overall worldwide reputation level. Heartbeat's overwhelming force,more than the artist's intelligence,skills,talents,money,relationships,hi s fabulous collaborators team,reputation,you name it...has been and it definitely is,his internal powerful tool just to get the whole job done and most importantly what actually takes to make his Oeuvre absolutely achieve the now on-going contemporary smashing new line and its global recognition. Creative visualization has been Pessoa's main faith and persistence provider,for all I know.The art studio veteran surely knows by now that following through without a plan and thoughtful action,means nothing but helplessness. Thereby,no wonder Antonio Pessoa,among the thousands of artists I know,he stands out prominently because he has made a success of getting what he wants out of life. He is successful in art studio performance,in his career,in his personal life and in leading a stimulating adventurous life and exciting projects. This is the secret and many people know it.He knows that the power to direct himself wherever he wants to go in art and life,is provided by his striking Heartbeat influence,energy and unbreakable flux,systematically empowering motivation,solid beliefs and cultivating burning imagination. The Heartbeat's law of attraction is not a new idea in the artist's daily rituals.It has always been there throughout his feverish art action times...in the continuous process of managing his professional and personal life commitments with the sudden decision taking skills and the miraculous ways he always indeed did manifest attaining his dreams,one by one,step by step...as new brilliant ideas and concepts kept on popping up in his mind and in his intuition. Years of intensive training has shown Antonio Pessoa that brainwaves not only provided insight into his mind and body,but they could manage to stimulate him to such an extent to actually enhance artistic performance,bringing about a large variety of mental states and emotional reactions for the incredible benefit of great creativeness. When Pessoa comes up with an artwork such as Heartbeat,it's once again quite obvious he is unquestionably climbing up the hill of the super exploring multiple magical possibilities of mind power and very specifically emotional intelligence. And why is he so much involved into this interesting sort of experiences? Actually,the answers to this question are quite simple once we fully come to understand the artist's current challenges in agenda. The whole scene concerning his life has become indeed a complex and rather exciting chess composition in which checkmate is definitely not an option whatsoever and the "Knight" is not supposed to resign even when the situation apparently looks hopeless and the going gets somewhat tough. Heartbeat and exact timing! What most of us aren't quite yet aware of is that Pessoa's public image has little or nothing to do with the real picture of the artist's private life ,which is actually a fascinating constant stream through the Universe's all possibilities accelerated learning and sharing wonderfully mysterious "Wondertopedia"! It seems Pessoa these days only shows his latest Oeuvre to very few people.Not anyone is actually allowed to visit his holy Studio 7,let alone his Studio 1,where most of the interesting things really happen. Therefore,Heartbeat,acrylic on watercolor paper,Antonio Pessoa 2008,might as well be a nice unexpected surprise or even an entirely unique revelation for most of his closest friends and the extra regular curious cats,such as Ian Dadley,always in his well-disguised effort in order to show not too much interest,his traditional attitude to helplessly keep the artist underpriced. Basically enjoying his highly productive semi- solitude,the art studio worm keeps on painting life itself,with the neo contemporary vision approach which is unquestionably changing on a weekly basis,if you ask me...definitely always for better,signing his artworks with the typical detachment of someone who doesn't feel the urgency to herald his own supreme greatness,and giving his paintings the titles always faithfully based upon his deepest beliefs.Remarkable accuracy! In the meantime,as time goes by,the after midnight express is always available downtown,where nothing really important seems to be happening,however - in particular when after a pleasurable Heartbeating creative working day,when he can't help feeling a bit stale and in need to liven up his soul and inspiration a bit and for a while- it turns out to be the perfect place at the right time with the wandering crowd...to break with the delicious routine and get that creative something back on the track and right on time. Antonio Pessoa's Heartbeat is essentially a universe of endless interesting amazing possibilities,where art and life coexist all together,as a family of dynamic concepts,intuitively aiming at approaching world public for an apotheosis celebration of art expression and universal communication. Heartbeat represents the soul of Studio 1,The New Era,the artist's updated outlook of the basic essentials of what the worldwide role of contemporary art expression must be,particularly in times of general doubt and emotional - conceptual fragmentation,in a world where the urgency to achieve a global strong focus on a truly solid catalog of new values,perception,ideals and most important of all,cultural togetherness at last check turns out to be a Must top of the list number one priority ,among the worldwide art lovers vibrating community.